This Mango Mother—– think he God, Will and Jada at THEE Red Table, school is supposed to start next month with no plan, Roger Stone got his sentence commuted, Kanye is running for president and from his medication, and LTJG Madeline Swegle just became the US Navy’s first female fighter pilot! Are you registered to vote? If not, you need to! #FreeBritney

Let’s get it!

#Vote #Election2020 #ThisIsBookIsScary #HereIsWhereTheGhostsShowUp #HowLord #HowLongLord #November2020 #ThisIsRidiculous #StopBlamingHisDeadMama #SheWouldKillHimIfSheWereAlive

The whole word knows how I feel about Kanye Omari West. This is not new; there is nothing new to be said, or could be added to it! When I heard this professional Sambo last name Hoppin’ Jack, decided to run for president? I wasn’t surprised. My brother had already said that he was too quiet. There had to be something going on! He had to be talking to the MCU’s Odin–who clearly started this maelstrom that is 2020!–and got the instructions on how to close out the first half of the year!

I need us to give up on dude! Give him back to his god of his creation (that being himself!), and leave us alone! This is the same dude that came out with a green satin jacket with a Confederate flag on it! What do you do with that? You can’t talk to that–neither can that level of crazy be dealt with in a rational matter.

This is who he is, Torches! This is exactly who he is!

Kanye’s concerned about his bag, his ugly Yeezys so he can buy a seat at dem good White folkses table.

Yeah, I said it.

Where is the lie? I’ll wait.

#WillAndJada #Entanglements #RedTableTalk #IsThisForReal #Semantics #Wording #WhoSheFooling #ThereHasToBeMoreToTheStory #OpenMarriage #WillLookedHurt

I had my opinions and suspicions about this within the last 2 weeks. I still think it is about money. I really do. According to Jada (at first) she didn’t give this manchild the time of day! In her Red Table Talk, she admits now–with her husband of over 20 years present –how she was with August while Will insisted they were on a ‘break’. Jada said that “No, we were broken up.”

I’ll leave you all to deal with those semantics.

In this almost 13-minute interview, she hedges and glazes over–calling what she was involved with during this break up/separation almost 5 years ago ‘an entanglement.’

Aight, sis.

The rumors have swirled for years that she and Will have had an open marriage. I never gave these rumors any weight. Why? I don’t need to be in anyone’s life like that! But seeing Jada admit this, in her own space with her husband of over 20 years across from her? I felt no ways! She looked tired. Will looked over it!

Every woman has a story!

Every woman has a dirt on her!

But some of us just have nicer shoes and bags to hide it.

#FreeBritney #Conservatorship #LetHerLive #ItsAlwaysMoney #LetHerBe #ThisIS #OohWhee #HitMeBabyOneMoreTime

I am old enough to say when I liked Britney Spears. I am also old enough to remember when she lost her mind after dealing with Kevin “Professional Extra” Federline. I remember when she had her youngest baby and was out with Paris Hilton with post-partum ladyparts hanging out. I remember her shaving her head. I remember her just melting down–daily! And that was almost a decade ago…

I remember the last interview I saw with her.

It was on MTV. It was about 2 hours, and Britney Jeans Spears did not look right. She looked pent up. She looked sad, and cried at least 4 times. I remember the vibe I got from her Dad was controlling. I remember just how broken this girl looked! And just so unhappy–and how her parents were on one hand enabling, and on the other trying to rescue her! My own Mama said the child looked off!

Following this tragedy, she is now 38. 39 in December. She and I are the same age. The time she was going through her stuff, I was going through mine. So, our kids are about the same age. For the want of trying to help Britney, protect her kids, her estate and herself–her father is her conservator. Which means she can’t function like a normal 38-year-old person. But, that conservatorship is up this year. I really want her to get her life back and do what she is supposed to do as a parent and artist! I really think this is a slick move for her Dad, Jamie (who is divorced from her mother, Lynn), to keep control over her and her money.

And I hate this for her! I really, really do. When she comes out from under this, I want her to win. I want her to make music and love her sons! And herself! I know what it’s like to feel like life is just SPINNING OUT and you have no anchor! The only difference between me and Britney is 300 million some people didn’t see me struggle…and fight to get back. My heart goes out to her. #FreeBritney

As I leave you this week, I want to say one thing:

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my favorite couple Mr. & Mrs. Russell Wilson!

Ciara and Russell Wilson Prove The Power Of Moving On From Toxic ...

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