“What to the slave is the Fourth of July?” – Fredrick Douglass

COVID-19 is still killing people, Hermain “I eat only Massa greens” Cain is in the hospital TWO WEEKS after going to Orange Thanos’s Tulsa Infinity Gauntlet Snap rally, August out here dry snitching, Nene Leakes still fired, but RHOA hired Mrs. Parker! Ooh, Lawd! What a week! Let’s get it!

#TheTulsaSnap #KnowYourHistory #LetThemAllGetSick #HemainCainMayorOfTheSunkenPlace #StillAPandemic #HeStillAWholeRacists #WhiteSumpremacistCultsGetCOVID

I said what I said. I meant what I said! Y’all keep playing with this virus if you want to! There are a over a 100,000 people whom have died, and y’all good patriots wanna keep running up behind a man that had to get the government to stop his niece from publishing a book! The world is in month 7 of this! SEVEN! That is one more than SIX, and three less than


Y’all have to understand that people are still dying, still contracting this virus, and still won’t wear a mask! We won’t even get into why and how problematic this racist pep rally was to have been in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the week of Juneteenth! We won’t talk about how seeing these folk in this arena with more than half of the place empty made me rejoice from a place of James Baldwin powered joy! Wear your masks! Wash you hands! Stay away from large crowds! And social distancing works!

#JadaPinkettSmith #SetItOff #MoreGameThanAPS5 #RedTableTalkWasInARedRoom #YouCantMake2020Up #PeaceOnWhoSide

Man! When I heard about this madness this week, I was done. I was all day rotisserie chicken done! The rumors have swirled for years that Will and Jada had an open relationship. Being honest, and all things being equal? I didn’t pay those rumors any attention. I mean, I was still trying to find someone that would jump up and down on a couch for me like Tom Cruise–and I still am! I don’t take delight in the crazy downfall of other people. So, to see Jada having to entertain this madness–after being with her husband for over 20 years–with him having receipts? I feel bad for her, fam! I feel BAD for her! All I can do is think–what made him come out now (if this be true)–and all I can think is MONEY.


That and/or she put it on him so tough and then said it was over! Either way, what is he getting out of this? I have never seen the point in this! If you are being ‘kept’, the unspoken arrangement –rule ZERO!–is you keep your mouth shut! YOU HUSH! Do not mess up the bag with your feelings! Don’t ask me how I know, I’m just here to help. Take my wisdom as you will. From the photos privy to the lusts of social media we all can SEE why she [allegedly] was sneaking around with this boy–with Will’s permission. All I know is, there is nothing like getting a boy sprung–in love with you from the hips down–and telling him, “Nope. That’s all you finna ever get. Lick ya fingers and remember…” Cold, Jada. Boss move, Jada! Gon ‘head, August. Cougars ain’t yo sport!

#MrsParker #NewStart #MoNique #BagByAnyMeans #KeepTheChange #NotImpressed #NeNeMad #CashBigChecks #MrsParkerIsARealHousewife

Mo’Nique’s struggle is not new. The only Oscar Award winning actress that has to hustle to be seen. I have vented about how she is doing her career—and I will not make this a point to run her into the ground! What I will say is this:

I want her to succeed. I want her to win! I want her to get all is entitled—because she is talented and worthy. I want her to understand that she can fix this—and it’ll take work! It’ll take more than hustle to rebuild all this! It really will. The Real Housewives of Atlanta might be a good start for her, and I’m for that. But there is a part of me that thinks, “Sis, you gotta see the game by now…you just got to!”

For all her talent, she’s on a reality show.

See yall next week!

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