We Are Family…

We all need each other right now, more than ever.

“We are family…”

This is more than a Sister Sledge song for me right now. What I am seeing, what I am feeling, reminds me how crucial compassion is right now. How needed just being helpful and civil right now. What I want you all to know, my dearest #Torches–you have a home here.

You have a home here.

For this month of July, we are going to be celebrating community. We are going to have this space be uplifting, a well of joy, a place of hope for all you that seek a space to breathe during this time of upheaval and abject craziness.

What I have tried to do in this space is try to provide light when needed, heat often, and smoke when necessary. In that, this month–7 months into the year written by the prophetic Octavia Butler in 1993 (more or less) and month 4 of this pandemic, and 3 years into the tyrannical rule of Elmer J Fudd, Super Genius–we are going to be a wellspring of hope.

We are going to being to foster the community we want to see in the world around us, and that we are seeing in the world around us. I know we are all hurting, mad and want to keep setting the world on fire. I get that. Trust me, I do. But at the end of it, you must know that there must be time to rest and recoup. Sometimes, you need to get a nap, soup and a sandwich to gather strength to keep going. Sometimes you need a place where no one will ask you questions..but just let you be.

My Torches…your key will always fit this lock.

Welcome home.

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