June 2020 Book Review-Lightning Wears A Red Cape by Errick Nunnally

To hear more about the incredible Errick Nunnally, please see his work on Amazon, and his story Penny Incomparable on the podcast Nightlight run by Tonia Ransom. You won’t regret this, I promise! Black male writers don’t get enough shine, so this month I’m making sure Errick gets some! I am officially a fan girl! -JBHarris

When I first heard Penny Incomparable on the Nightlight: Black Horror Podcast, I was hooked on Errick Nunnally’s imagination. I wanted to read everything he wrote or would ever write. And when I heard of his work, found it, and began reading it–I gobbled it up like Christmas cookies!

I know everyone is in love with everything MCU right now, and that’s awesome (Comic nerds unite!), but for a moment–imagine a superhero universe that is not so self-sacrificing. Imagine if you will just for a moment that Tony Stark/Iron-Man never had the nobility of Steve Rogers/Captain America as a mitigating force? That’s the word Errick has imagined here! What drew me to the book was this exact premise–this expansion and re-imagining of what it is (or what it means) to be a superhero!

I love that in this book is unafraid to explore that. I love that this book isn’t afraid to look at what it would mean for someone to have all this power and no unction to have the obligation to use it for something other than what they want! We as the hero-starved public love to see Batman and Robin fighting crime and ‘putting bad guys away.’ We love that Peter Parker is superhuman enough to have girl problems, and loves his aunt! We love that Iron-Man and Rescue (Tony Stark and Pepper Potts) got married and had a baby (#ILoveYou3000)! That’s awesome!

What makes me love and cheer for the characters in this book is that it is a glimpse into could be’s as it relates to this facet of literature known as the superhero genre. I love that Errick is bold enough to pull at the thread of the genre–and question it? And not go with whatever the ‘good and right’ thing is to do. What if you want to be like The Ace of Hearts and just do you as long as the people are paying? What if you want to be like Shade and just go home despite what people might think!

I love that as I was reading, Errick had me questioning. At that questioning, I read more. It is definitely a genre I want to see more of, and an ending I didn’t think I could handle. Brava, Errick! Brava!

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