To Our Black Fathers & Men

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“Your crown has already been bought and paid for; all you have to do is put it on.” -James Baldwin

This is another year of celebrating Father’s Day, has come and gone. So much has happened, that on this month, you may not feel reverenced or important. You may feel as if we should not celebrate you because of the COVID pandemic or Black women and men being slain in the streets and in their homes. While all of this is going on, in a time such as this, it is imperative that we acknowledge you. While ALL fathers matter–of every hue—I must take this time and love on us a little more. With that, I will unapologetically do so! This is not only for our fathers living, but for those who have come before us.

For all the nights you held us when we cry; tried to comb our hair; come to protect us when the enemy has raised his rageful spirit amongst us. For teaching us how a man is supposed to love, protect, profess, and provide for us: I thank you. For always seeing the best in us when we didn’t see it in ourselves, I adore you. For keeping me safe in a time such as this, I admire you. When the spirit of this world tries to strip away the best parts of you, as your Queens, we will protect you. When you were stripped away from our families for just being who you are, and giving us strength and encouragement, I cherish you. 

I thank you for always carrying the world’s burdens of what it means to be a Black man. Thank you for carrying the heavy weight of the trials and tribulations of life before me, for all the sacrifices you made to take care of your families. You carried this burden without fault or complaint. You held on to your love of your people, love of your family, love for your Queen’s and love for your community. You did this all without complaint. You did this in a world that will not accept you solely based on the “wrapping paper” that you didn’t choose to be born in! For stepping up when everything around you told you to run and hide. When a system told you that you will never be good enough, you prevailed!

For this and so many other things, there will never be enough words that I would be able to express that will show my gratitude, love, grace, understanding and the heightened level of protection that I have for you.

To my ancestors: You are the breath that I breathe. The beat of my heart, the joy in my boisterous laugh. Thank you for your courage and sacrifice. I will live the rest of my life protecting your legacy. Not the legacy of slavery, but the essence and legacy of royalty that was stolen from us! 

I end it with this. This week I woke up with my best friend on my heart. As a Black man, all I wanted to do was give him some encouragement. I offer you the same encouragement that I spoke upon him:

You are the embodiment of our ancestor’s wildest imagination and dreams. You are their hope and their love manifested and personified. Tap into that. Your reign as King is far from over. Be the man that you see in yourself as in your dreams. Work toward that mark. 

With Love,

A Queen. 

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