All The ‘Very Smart Brothas’, Writers, Filmmakers & Actors!

It is not secret that I love the duo of Damon Young and Panama Jackson whom call themselves Very Smart Brothas. They are handsome, dope, well-spoken, and here for all the spoke! Alla it! With that said, they came into my field of vision when I first started blogging.

My blogging mentor (yes, those are a thing!) told me that I should find some people whom were established in their blogging career, and make them heroes as it were. I, as luck would have it, came across these beautiful, intelligent gentlemen through the cool well of Blackness known as The Root. I love how quick witted they were–and are. I love that they shy away from nothing. And nobody!

I have loved these two men because of their love for Black people, the written word, and I am ever a fan girl for them. I have always had a soft spot for Black male writers–and I need more of them. I need more Black men to pick up pens and give up the heart, each beat and let us the hungry world consume all of it. With that said, let me stan the young men that are scared to pick up their pens. Let me stan for the young men that are just now starting to write.

Let me stan Ta-Nehisi Coates! Let me say again, that Black male writers–we need you. The world needs more of your words! We need more Very Smart Brothas! We need all of it! Alla it! I cannot tell you the joy I felt when I first saw Laurence Fishburne do his Othello (Dear LORD! “How shall I murder him, Iago?”). You wanna be a G, study Othello! But enough of that part.

But the thing that I need you to know my Brothers in this Arts Guild is your stories matter! Your talent is needed! Spike Lee can’t make all the movies! Jordan Peele can’t write all the horror movies! Viola Davis can’t star in all the movies! Barry Jenkins can’t direct all the movies! We need you voices, fam! We need your poetry, your short stories, your books! We need you, my loves! The definition of a Firestarter is to bring light, heat and smoke!

A writer/actor/filmmaker/VSB is supposed to be a Firestarter! I believe in you all more than you think! I respect y’all more than you think. Stan for ya’ll more than you know. Open ya heart, and let me read your mind. The world is waiting on you. I know I am.

Admin note: The Ideal Firestarter is looking for more Black male voices, if you are interested in writing for this space, email

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