There are still protests happening, one of the three officers that killed Breonna Taylor have been fired, The mad Titan had his goons break into Walter Reed Medical Center to take his medical records, After a century Aunt Jemimah and Uncle Ben emblems are being taken off rice and pancakes, and Jenifer Jeanette Lewis is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next year! And today is Phylicia Ayers-Allen Rashad’s 72nd birthday! What a week!

Let’s get it!

#MotherOfBlackHollywood #JeniferJeanetteLewis #SheBeenAStar #MyOtherMother #OurMother #BlackMothersMatter #BlackActorsMatter

I love Jenifer-muthafuckin-Lewis! I love her for her fierceness, her presence and the fact she reminds me of my Aunt Linda. When I heard this week she would be in the 2021 class of those to get a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?  I thought I was it way overdue! Waaaaaaaaaaaay overdue! I love Jenifer Lewis! When I read her book, it just affirmed all that knew to be true of this woman–her success, as a Black woman in the arts while being from St. Louis hit different! To see her—to see me—in this place, healthy and owning all of herself? It was beautiful. She is beautiful. This award is beautiful.

#Mammies #Bucks #UncleToms #Coons #Characatures #AuntJemima #UncleBen #History #Confrontations #Resist #Resisting

The first time I saw a Mammie jar I was 5. It was on my grandmother’s kitchen counter, and its Black face was worn with time, but it was definitely a jar shaped like a Mammie. I grew up eating Aunt Jemima pancake mix with Blackburn/Karo/Delta syrup. At the time, I never thought anything more about it! That was just the pancake mix that I ate. Tradition, even. Yet, in the midst of all the protesting even the parent company for ‘Aunt Jemima (which is the Pepsi Corporation!)’ after more than a century, is changing the name and image. Shoo, I remember when Aunt Jemima had a red and white headscarf on before the image changed to this more ‘pleasant’ looking Mammie! This is over due! From Aunt Jemima we got Uncle Ben getting revamped! Look, James Baldwin and Toni Morrison asked this  question of White America:  “Who are you without racism?” And America cannot answer it yet–when you have police officers resigning because they can’t kill without impunity, or flinch at being held to any accountability, the answer is clear. When you take the Mammies, Bucks, Happy Coons, and Scary Bucks away who are you, America? I’ll wait.

#Juneteenth #Levels #BreonnaTaylor #Resist #Protesting #Fight #BlackLivesMatters #EverythingIsHappening #Atlanta #Fight #WeAreNotOurAncestors #WeAreTheResultOfTheirPrayers

Juneteenth is OUR Independence Day. It is glorious and lovely, and a reminder that power is never conceded–not without a fight! The captive people/slaves in Texas were told the Emancipation Proclamation was law in 1863–yet then, in 1865 the were told they were free. You see that?! Sigh. It’s trash.  Yet, here we are the descendants of the ones that ran towards freedom, carrying all of us inside of all of them! Today we celebrate, we feast, we resist, we dance, we love one another all over again. We remember that as far as we have come, we have so much further to go! Despite what Orange Thanos says, or the lies he concocts, we aint going no where!

And YES, Juneteenth needs to be a federal holiday! And I tell you this:  this is the LAST Juneteenth I’m finna work! No God!

This week, I leave you the words of Nikki Giovanni. I believe they are needed. Not that Black women are superheroes, invulnerable and the like–but to validate us:

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