Love Thy Neighbor: A Lesson In Respectability Politics

Jesse Williams is always a mood.

“I’m not a Thug, I’m a PHD.”

You are a man, just the same as the man ‘thuggin’ beside you. At the end of the day it’s still a steep hill for the both of y’all. Ever since I’ve seen the viral sights from these protests, I’ve been sick thinking about how many don’t even value their brothers because of elitism or capitalism; a degree will not save your life!

You still look the same as the ‘thug’ when pulled over!

They don’t ask for license, registration and a degree, so what makes you so worthy over the ‘thug’?

Black men, and women are some of the most hated, mistreated, and dehumanized beings on this planet! For the life of me, I can’t imagine why we would push the narrative on our own brothers and sisters because they may have not met the accomplishments that others have. ‘Thugs’, ‘Street’/’Hood Dudes’ and even those who may have done time are still worth something! We don’t know what in life took someone to the path they are on, but it doesn’t diminish their existence. It doesn’t make them lesser than and Black men who have gotten the chance to go to college and maximize those opportunites.

I want us all to know that!

I need us to uplift the brothers who may not have a degree; uplift the men who chose to become rappers or professional athletes; uplift those wrongly charged or caught up in the wrong stuff who are imprisoned. Their lives all matter just as much as the man next door with a doctorate!

You all are spectacular, exemplary men and staples in your community– don’t let a degree, diploma or anything else make you feel that a Black man should be targeted under any circumstances.

Your lives are all worth something, and that’s that on that!

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