Men, please know that we love you for who you are not what’s in your bank account.

So many times when women speak on men it’s automatically about what their career is,; how much money they make, is their salary worth praising; but you all are so much more than that! You are more than dollar bills, and annual salaries. You’re more than paying the full bill at dinner–you are so much more! Don’t ever let the conversations that run among social media about what you “should” have financially to lower your self esteem.

Don’t let it belittle you to a dollar sign! 

So many people spend their nights and days debating on how much a man should pay in bills, or if they should be able to afford the most expensive thing on the menu and then some…but that’s not the point of your existence.

You are not here to cater to people financially, you are not here to work yourself to the bone and stretch yourself thin for recognition! You are here to be human, to do what you can, to love to be loved for who and what you are not how much and what you own; know that. Relish in the fact that you are so much more than money and there is so much more than money that you can give. 

I want men to be comfortable in the fact that no one will turn their back on you when you fall on hard times and comfortable in knowing that the love that you are given is not conditional on what you make that year. You deserve the same amount of respect and care when there’s a dollar in your pocket or ten thousand. You deserve that, you are a King–even when the palace around you is a bit wobbly.

King, you are priceless!

[image from BET]

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