The Mad Titian trying to kill all of us, unemployment is sky rocketing, stimulus checks are on permanent hold because people are crazy, Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter think she can be Ororo Monroe, Spike Lee got a new movie out, Oprah is sealing herself as the ‘Talented Tenth’, and ‘the police now don’t want to wear their uniforms to work. Why? They are afraid of being assaulted or harassed. I can’t take off this vibranium suit, doe!

Let’s get it!

#Beyonce #BeyHive #ThisAintIt #DeWandaWise #WhatAboutTheSourceMaterials #TheMCUMatters #WhoIsTheRealStorm #WhatAboutTheSnap

I love Beyonce. Y’all know I do! Y’all know that I am a fan of anything Queen Bey does, will do, can come up with! Queen is BOSS GOALS, you here me? So when I heard today that she was trying to be/might be/ in Black Panther 2? No. NO! Please God no!

Look, it is not a secret Bey is not the greatest actress. Just like Jenny McCarthy isn’t the best writer–it takes all kinds to make a world! But this? NO! The internet posed an alternative to Queen Bey–DeWanda Wise.


Queen Bey is who you call for the soundtrack for Black Panther 2 (WHICH WOULD BE LIT!), but this ain’t it. No, no, no, no!

#DaveChappelle #Comedy #Art #SendForAPoet #GetThisWork #GetItHowYouLive #MakeItPlain #WhatYallThinkThisWas #DaveChappelleIsAFirestarter #LightHeatAndSmoke


This is how long the chief murderer of George Lloyd stayed with knee on his neck until the life drained from him–and he didn’t move. He didn’t change his stance. And he was unbothered.

Completely unbothered.

Dave Chappelle let HAVE on the world in this impromptu special. He went in, and it was medicine! It was glorious! It the the church my Black girl artist’s soul needed! Say what you want about Dave Chappelle–when he commented on George Lloyd’s murder, saying that how could such a thing be done and the world not see ‘the wrath of God’? I shouted.

Sometimes the best thing is when the evil you see, other people see it too.

#SocialChange #Reflection #HereWeAre #HereWeGo #WhereWeGoFromHere #WhereIsHere #ThereWeAre #FuturePast #PastPresent

“…the flames of justice…”

I make no qualm about supporting the protesters. I will never regret that. We are living in a time where the generation under us are tired waiting, they are resistant to foolishness, and prepared to war! There is an energy present in this movement, and it indeed the lyric found in GLORY:

Justice is juxtapositionin’ us.”

And it is! There is strength to activism, in knowing what it goal there is in sight–and what is at stake. Dear ones, so much is at stake! We cannot afford to not give the youth space to emote, to express, and to be told they are protected. We cannot discount what it means to be Black in this country–and truly FEAR the police, and realize the experiences of Black people are valid! There is too much evil we have experienced for us to think that this is ALL made up!

With all this change, please make sure you all register to vote! Make sure you get involved with local elections! Film the police! Know your rights! Donate to jail support! Resist! Resist! Resist! The whole world is fighting-and it will take the whole world for is to be free!

So, let’s work at getting free!

And today, June 12–7 days from JUNETEENTH–the staff of the The Ideal Firestarter celebrate Loving Day. In the times we are in, love is still a superpower.

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