In The Remembering Of #GeorgeLloyd

Author Note: It has been 2 weeks since George Lloyd was murdered on camera on a Minneapolis street. The video will have no link here. Don’t look for it. It will not be there. We support the protesters. #BlackLivesMatter #NoOneIsFreeTillWeAreAllFree. -JBHarris

Two weeks after his death, George Floyd's life celebrated at ...
I find it fitting #GeorgeLloyd was buried in a gold casket. All kinds need to be buried in gold caskets.

I make no excuses for why I did not view the 9-minute recorded murder. I make no excuses by I did not watch funeral of #GeorgeLloyd on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. For my heart, for my general sanity, I chose not to watch it. The fact #GeorgeLloyd screamed for his mother as his murderer–these murders, these pack of jackals–watched as their alpha had his foot on his neck? I never need that visual, Torches. I never need that visual of seeing a man that is old enough to be my brother, my husband or son screaming he can’t breathe, and looking for the only person stronger than the force on his neck–I couldn’t do it.

Yet, here I am–speaking on it. There is a reason being is it must be said. In looking for the joy in this, yes even this, and I will not lie to you–I struggled. Until, I remembered one thing: legacy.

J.M. Barrie (the author of Peter Pan) says it this way: “The story of a man’s life is when he means to write one story, and ends up writing another.” The measure of this man’s life if more, is greater, does surpass how his life ended–and even why it ended! In that, I found hope.

In the ever growing death list of hashtags, I purpose now to find legacy. I try to think of what has the death left us…as morbid as that is. Yet, here we are again–as a nation, as a people, mourning again. But from that mourning is…HISTORY!

Once again, the death of a Black man has inspired, kicked off, shattered, altered, revealed, changed the course of history! His legacy is change. I mean, what we are seeing right now is collective Blackness as T’Challa’s suit, powered by Shuri’s wisdom, overtaking the entire damn world! It is incredible!

For every sling, arrow, microaggression, lynched family member, open secret, hidden lie has now become this kinetic force endowing all those whom are sick of the world is to overturn it! Incredible, simply incredible.

In this time of complete bereavement, in this funeral being streaming, with literally smoke off in the distance, the legacy of this man’s life was change. The prophet-writer Octavia Estelle Butler, said this from Parable Of the Sower:

Octavia Butler quote: All that you touch You Change. All that you ...

Perhaps this is the true measure of our lives–how we change others. How we change other situations. How those situations change us. The measure of George Lloyd’s life is change.

The highest tribute to a life lost under dramatic circumstances is change. With this seed in the ground, with his life over, now–what shall we change? What must we change? What can we change?

The answer for this question is everything. Every. Damn. Thing.

Make all the noise. Scream over the evil. Write it all down on tablets, papers and phones to remind those warriors to come behind us how to win against all matter of darkness.

“All that you touch you change.” Then, in order to change everything–we must touch everything. Let us keep touching everything…because everything touches us.

[image from and AZ Quotes.]

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