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Are you in the wrong… Anon that’s a complex question because yes and no. As far as saying that you don’t care about body count, but turning around and getting upset when you found out the truth is where you are in the wrong because essentially you had lied. You said that it shouldn’t matter but once it came down to it, it mattered to you. As a man (or woman) you need to stand behind your word! What you said needed to have been what you said and not going back on that whether it was 30 guys or a 100 because you agreed that it shouldn’t matter. 

Now where I believe you aren’t wrong is that if you made it apparent that your woman’s body count makes you feel insecure, and you made it clear that it’s just your preference to not be with a woman with a “high” body count because it brings out some insecurities then that is fine! That’s the thing though, you didn’t. You never made it clear that you’d prefer to be with someone with a lower body count so you can’t fault her. I also feel Anon, that you really really need to take a good look in the mirror and do some reflection. Why does it bother you what her body count is? What does that number do to you mentally and emotionally to the point you can just drop her like a bad habit? Like you got some real soul searching to do as you grow and become a man. Anything before you in that sense should be the last thing on your mind when you’re intending to grow with a person and love them for who they are. As long as her sex life is explicitly with you now, then that’s what matters. You’re the guy now, you’re the guy who gets to have her in that sense and see her in such a vulnerable state; appreciate that! Appreciate that she’s choosing to share herself with you now, no matter who she shared herself with in the past!

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