Thoughts In A Quarantine: Are We Ever Gon’ Get Off Punishment?!

If you already know what Mother Vanzant is going to say, then…sigh.

I am a Cancer. I love being at home. I love being with my family. I love nesting! I love sleeping! Yet, I am a girl. I am a woman. I like going placing and doing stuff! And at this count, we have been in quarantine about 70 days. Noah was in The Arc for 40!
But the world had literally ended, so–I think that me and mine can handle a shut in with Netflix and snacks and covers.

With this quarantine, I find myself missing the random things about going out in public. I miss going to movies with my kids. Shouts to AMC Theaters and the tub of popcorn you can refill for $4.99! I miss going to Target with my kids, and making day of it. I miss going to my nail salon, and comparing notes with my nail tech who is an artist whom should have been a PolSci major. 

I miss make up shopping with my youngest daughter and having her try and wear all the Urban Decay on her face at age 11 (answer:  No. No ma’am). I miss book shopping with my oldest! I miss going out to dinner with my family and just checking in with them; expanding their palletes and looking up time zone questions. What is a ‘time zone question’, you ask? This is when your children–specifically my children–ask what time it is all over the world.

“Mama, what time is it in Antarctica?”

“Ma, what time is it in Dubai?”

“Are their clocks in Dubai? What time is it in Tokyo?”

Yup. Those are my kids! But I miss that. I miss that interaction, being able to show them the whole world in sips. But, trust! I’m not about to risk their lives or mine because the world outside our personal arc doesn’t want to acknowledge the world around is besieged by the ‘Rona! But, I miss that. I miss my daily comings and goings, being a part of the world. I miss sitting in the sun watching my kids play. I miss the averageness of the day. Not that these quarantine days are so stormy, they lack the rhythm that the life BQ (Before Quarantine) had. There is a loss sense of normalcy. In that normalcy, I knew how to plan; what to do next; what time I needed to do it. Now? I feel like I have fallen all that tightrope Janelle Monae talked about. Instead of a high-wire act, a chick has become a trapeze artist! I suppose that is fitting.  I remember wanting to be an acrobat as a girl. Flipping, twirling, and flying through the air–and being caught to keep going.

Right now, I am flipping through the air to keep from falling, waiting to be caught as I do my tricks to take care of kids, work, survive and pay bills. Con

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