Thoughts In A Quarantine: Time And These Kids

It’s about to be a real-low key summer…

My kids have been doing remote learning for the past 2 months. They have been home with me and my (now) former partner for the past 2 months. It has been a hard thing. It is a HARD thing to be with your children day after day without the structure of school.

Note:  Thank God for teachers. Please pay them more.

Note 2:  Big-ups to Stay-At-Home parent whom HOME SCHOOL.

With that said, the thing that I have learned about my kids in this situation is how perceptive they are! And how each of my kids handle school. My oldest girl? Oh, she is at the age where getting up is a drag. Getting her up is and issue, and school is boring to her. She would rather discuss MCU theories, books and Ninja Turtles!

My youngest hates getting up, hates going to sleep, and school is just some where she likes to go.

Don’t get me confused though! My kids know to respect their teachers. They are being taught to value learning, intelligence and education. They know to respect their teachers, classmates and anyone who is different/differently-abled. But what I have seen during the finishing up of this school year as it relates to how they learn? Oh, man. I would not have been aware or noticed it had I not been home. And had I not been home with them.

I have noticed my youngest whom sleeps like she has a full-time job, does better when she can listen to her own body clock. When she can maneuver in her day; take frequent breaks; get snacks and ask questions; allowed to ask questions. She does better when she can be herself.

For my oldest? I noticed that she gets anxious when she can’t figure out math. I learned what she was struggling with–I noticed that she is more quiet when she doesn’t know exactly want to do. She needs me in a different way. My baby girl needs my presence and to have eyes on me. My oldest girl? She needs me to understand that she trying to be herself in a world that barely understands her mother. She needs a map and a light. My goal is to keep being that.

Summer is now upon us though, and what we are doing now is gardening. The same thing my grandmother did with us, and we all watched her do! It is time to bond with them like never before. The bonding they need, that I must give them has to be a part of how they will re-enter the world. I have to be mindful–more mindful –of that.

Quarantine has taught me that motherhood has more levels and depths than a diamond mine.
And I must get all my diamonds, and protect them, to give them to the people who need them.
But, while mining, I can’t forget the diamonds I am in charge of. If I lose them, nothing else matters.

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