Thoughts In A Quarantine: Final Thought About ‘Da Rona’

Here we are and now the cities are opening up. Although, there have been more cases of the virus affecting people, it seems that not a lot of people are listening to the social distancing. Recently there were vacationers in Lake of the Ozarks, MO and the beaches were packed past capacity. While I understand that we have a need for human connection, and the desire to go back to normal, we cannot do this by putting each other at risk! When you think of it? We have accomplished so much while being quarantined.

We have saved gas; rediscovered our hobbies; delved in DIYS’s; spent time with out kids (which is debatable depending on how well home schooling went!); found ways to face time out loves ones, and really look ourselves in the mirror. We have also learned how to truly help those in need. The quarantine was not all bad. It forced us to deal with the things that we could typically walk away from, and it made us come together as a country.  There are always radicals in every event or crisis; however, we have truly found ways to be able to connect with each other–despite our differences. It showed us how resilient we are and how much we truly care about one another. 

Let us not forget how the Black community have been killing it. I mean, we have always been super dope, but truly we have been killing during this time. From making creative masks for our heroes on the front lines (as well as everyday people), making uniforms for our nurses to wear that are specific to COVID-19, etc. I am so elated by our natural ability to turn lemons into millions. Oh, and let us not forget the music! We have had some bomb online battles with Erykah Badu vs. Jill Scott, Teddy Riley vs. Baby Face (which was not all that great. I mean we all know Teddy Riley was doing a bit much!), Ludacris vs. Nelly and my person favorite one T-Pain and Lil Jon! Kevin Hart started doing story times, while and the online concerts and poetry slams have been amazing.

In closing, I know our kids have probably gotten on our nerves to the point in which we are so ready to send them back to school. I, for one, am ready to go back to get my hair braided, get my nails and feet done by the Black owned businesses I support. Am I in a rush? No. I can continue doing the things that I was doing before I had money before I knew these places existed. If it means continuing to focus on my craft, continue to learn new things, elevate my hobbies and keeping others safe? Then, I can wait. If I can wait, so can we all. Its important to have human connection, but not at the expense and safety of those around us. That is what Zoom is for. #staysafe


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