*Admin Note: I apologize for the late upload, life is hectic this weekend Torches! Take my love and light with you. -JBHarris

The Mad Titan was caught with a mask on in the Ford Plant, Michigan is beset by flooding, more COVID-19 Protesters are contracting the virus, folk whom are not melaninated are saying they are ‘culturally Black,’ Drake called Kylie Jenner a side chick, FEDEX fired two Black workers over their own protection–and had to hire them back, and these Verzuz are trying to be lit! Black folk saving the day again!

Let’s get it!

#BlackLikeMe #CulturallyBlack #WeAreNotTheSame #ExplainThisToMe #Nonsense #CrazyAsAllOutdoors #HowYouFixYoFace #WhatTheEntireHell

I saw this thing, this concept about ‘being culturally Black’ earlier this week–and I was baffled. I was hella baffled. This goes back to wanting to be Black adjacent until you have to be an ally to Blackness, or to really support Black folk! I need someone to tell me WHAT exactly is ‘culturally Black’, because Mother Firestarter is NAWT amused by it–at all! I mean you can be knowledgeable of Black culture, and not be Black, that’s fine. You can know the colloquialisms, and not be Black, and that’s fine! But, if you are NOT Black, but participate in Black culture, this does NOT make you ‘being culturally Black.’ This makes you aware, and knowledgeable, and prayerfully aware of the violence that is perpetuated against us as a people DAILY!

I need those whom are allies to read Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall. Why? Being an ally in the time of the Mad Titan is NAWT enough any more! We need change affected! We need accountability to and for a murderous system! We can no longer be content with having folk being as Kendall calls ‘oppression tourists’! Being culturally Black, and not being Black, means you have a privilege that I don’t have! That many Black folk don’t have!

The slick, sleek language of saying what you are, and don’t use your privilege to affect needed change, you can keep these phrases the same place you keep your shit.

#Verzuz #ThisIsLit #BlackMusic #MusicIsLife #ThereIsHopeInThis #ProtectYourHeartThreeStacks #MusicIsAMovement

I am here for the Verzuz series! I wasn’t going to watch it seeing what happened with Teddy Reilly and Babyface, I thought it was a joke! I mean, the whole power and storm of Blackness DRUG Teddy “No Real Connection” Reilly! I mean, all I could do what look! When the concert (because that is what it was!) with Erykah Badu and Jill Scott was annouced? It will beautiful. When Nelly and Luda did it?! Man! But, Cornell and his innanet connection messed that up! I was waiting on him (Nelly) to play these three songs:

Country Grammar (IDC! I still love this song!)

Tilt Ya Head Back

Air Force Ones

I believed in Cornell Haynes, Jr.! And then this happen?! On top of that–the battle between 112 and Jagged Edge–112 pull out?! WHAT IS THIS, MAN! I needed them to sing LOVE YOU LIKE I DID! The kids needed to HEAR what loving a woman for real sounded like! And ANYWHERE! Chile, they would have won! I’m mad all over again.

But as fam on Facebook said: “Nelly went out like a real STL n—-. High, drunk and thinking he won.” Where is the lie? Hint: there is none present.

#COVID #Masks #DontBeDumb #ThisIsNotOver #BeMoreCareful #BeWise #WashYourHands #DontBeACrazyPerson

The Mad Titan must think we all stupid. Got to! This is the longest PUNK’D I have ever seen! They (the media) caught this dude with a mask on in the Ford Plant with the presidential seal on it! I mean, I feel like I am watching a Klan-sponsored Warner Brothers cartoon! I keep thinking Bugs Bunny is about to jump out of somewhere and rescue us from the craziness of the uber-racist sychophant Elmer Fudd. I keep thinking that at any moment, this is just gon’ all blow up like on some Independence Day isht! Yet, it keeps getting crazier!

And don’t come at me about Joe Biden! If y’all didn’t check the Mad Titan about ‘good people on both sides’, about ‘being proud of his German blood,’ and not praying at the PRAYER BREAKFAST?! Look, don’t do me. Miss me. And take yo ass somewhere and lay down. At this point? We are 6 months out from seeing the INFINITY GAUNTLET SNAP happen for real! We ain’t got time for this! Y’all better quit playin, by dude! This ain’t thing time.

This week, Torches, life I spinning outta control! But I need you to remember three things:

Germs are real. Science is real. God is real. You can believe in all three and still have common sense. Use your access to all three. See y’all next week!


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