Thoughts In A Quarantine: Grass & Cabin Fever

Flowers are blessings…

Since I was a girl, I remember feeling so happy to lay in the sun. There was something about having warmth, light beaming on me which, I thought, gave me strength. I find myself doing the same thing now. In the  almost 70 days that I have decided to believe the concepts of science and common sense, I have found myself just missing being in the sun.

Everyday I open the blinds in my house. I let the natural light in! I go outside barefoot. I sleep with the window opens when it rains still. With working overnights, I make it a point to see the sun rise every morning I work. What I found out was seeing the sun rise reminds me–life keeps going. That I am still  here, and there are still things to do.

The light reminds me that life is not over. There is still joy to be had and people to love and things to do. There are still things to do! In the song “The Light” by Common the chorus goes:

There is a light that shines special for you and me.

That light, that power, that is related to the sun and its presence right now. It is the reminder that as it is here, I will be here too. And that is enough. That is enough to proceed. Indeed, I must proceed. There is too much depending on my willingness to keep going.

There is a tomorrow. It won’t always be like this.
I say that to myself everytime I open a window, watch the sun come out, and feel its rays.

I, too, am light, powerful and deserving of the light and life coming tomorrow.
Always tomorrow.

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