Thoughts In A Pandemic: How Badly Do I Need My Glam Back

Nails. I miss my nails.

The first time I ever got my nails done I was 19. I loved the whole process of taking my hands and making them pretty! I loved the clicking of a full set. My classic style was pink and white. Always square. Always a white tip. And the salon I frequented airbrushed them—I was there so often that I didn’t even have to tell them what I wanted; I just went! It was glorious.

From then, I was hooked.

I always felt more feminine with my nails done. Always felt pretty with my hair done. With makeup on. I always felt pretty with those things.

And for the last 60 days, I have not had access to getting my nails done. I haven’t been able to get my hair done. And then when I decided to try and flat iron my hair, my daughter had tried to flat iron her dolls’ hair and ruined them. She also broke my curling iron.

I cannot win here.

Box braids. 11-12 bags. My Braider had a baby. Now I’m all wash and go. Lip is FENTY, shade Ma’Damn.

In Missouri, where I was born and bred, the governor who is a sycophant of the current Evil Empire, and wants us all to die. Seeing that most of the COVID-19 victims are Black and Brown, why does Governor Mike Parsons care? I know this is all about the money and the money they believe they are missing! I mean my braider had a baby! I can’t even go see her to pay her in order for her to do something to this head!

I mean, I have been natural for a while now, and I am frustrated because I was raised with that straight hair for a Black girl is, and it was, the only way it can be managed effectively! I have missed my braider so much! I mean, if I was not an essential worker I would surely be at her house with a whole mask on for 6 hours with my 11 bags of hair (yes, 11! 12 really—I refuse to run out of braiding hair!) and become beautiful all over again.

I mean, I know that the nail shop I went to often before the pandemic is open! But am

I that much of an OG to go in there and sit down? No. Why? The owners have kids, I have kids, and I don’t know who anyone has been around anymore! I can’t get caught up in that level of madness, yo! I cannot! And plus with the job I have now, I can’t even have the length or shape I had before: coffin, skinny shaped, signature color being a light lavender.

But those tips, as pretty as they are, are not worth my life or livelihood.

I am the girl that tips my nail techs. I tip the girl that does my hair and my kids hair. I didn’t take advantage of these people and their talents or services before, and it is apparent now, that I need them. And need them badly! I do not braid hair, my child cannot stand to have her hair straightened. So she has been ‘wash-and-go’ for a month and change! I am unashamed of this! Shout out to Carol’s Daughter and old school Pink Oil Moisturizer, Cream of Nature shampoo and good wigs!

For the new job, I too have been doing ‘wash- and-go’—because I can’t get my hair braided and am not in the mood to test my blackness against the virility of COVID-19 (it’s best to wash everything, including your hair!). My friend Kelly said on her social media “I bet you miss your glam squad now don’t you?”

I shole do sis, I shole do.

[top image from: Pretty Nails By Shannon of Selfie Salon in Bridgeton, MO. Shannon is selling bomb press-on nail kits during the quarantine though! Search out Selfie Salon on Facebook and see style and prices!]

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