FIRESTARTER HOTSHEET: Boosie Is Not For The Culture!

Black boys deserve the same protection against predators that Black girls do.

With that said, Lil Boosie/Boosie needs to never weigh in on any other ‘culture conversation’ as long as there is a culture or a conversation to be had! Two days ago, on Instagram Live–ON INSTAGRAM!—Boosie admitted the lengths he was prepared to go–and had gone to!–in order to make sure his boys didn’t ‘turn out gay.’

And this cat truly wonders why Kappa Alpha Psi, Incorporated will not truly accept him (aside: The Kappa need to really look at the songs they are going to use to stroll–Boosie should be off limits now! JUST SAYING!). In this live, in this ranting, you have to know just how devastating and detrimental this is! The man is telling the world he advocates for the molestation and rape of his children!

Think about this!

We as a culture have to stop making homosexuality the hill we consistently desire to die on! This man, this father of Black children, admitted that he has paid women to perform sex acts with and on his sons, and they are allowed to watch porn–including hard core porn!

Look, far be it from me to kink-shame. However, some things have to be called what they are. What Boosie is advocating is wrong. There are so many levels of this wrong they cannot be contained in a HOTSHEET! Black boys are more than their phallus, and their worth is beyond making a woman moan their names! Why is it important that the son you have just NOT be gay? You cannot–in this context–ascribe any other fear to this other than the fear you think a male child being gay devalues them–or somehow makes them less.

Why would they be LESS, Boosie? Riddle me this.

The fact he bragged about this, sees no problem with this, only points out the greater problem. This problem centers around how we as a culture love and raise Black children. Especially, how it relates to sex and violence! Having an adult, and adult woman be paid to rape (because that’s what it is !) a child makes her a predator–and their father is a faciliator of such abuse.

This is wrong, Torches. This is wrong!

The social media outbreak and backlash for Boosie’s commentary on how to raise Black boys should continue–and is overdue! If he was the mother of daughters, someone would have rolled over there and rolled him up like old carpet. Keep that same energy for Black boys. Yes, Black men can be raped to and have been! There needs to be a sympathy for Black children (male and female) when it relates to matters of molestation and rape.

You cannot be complicit in abuse, and then say the reason for the abuse was to keep something more ‘devastating’ from happening to them. There are more ‘devastating’ things which can happen to Black male children than them being gay. One of them, the most devastating, is being killed my the police!

The fact this even happening, that he even did this live, is testament to how toxic masculinity is detrimental to everyone! It encroaches in the lives of people because the belief is as a human being you need the oppressive guidance of someone whom knows nothing about you–to tell you what you need. Without your input. Without your approval. Regardless of personal autonomy or personhood. That is what makes masculinity toxic–it strips what it means to be who you are, in favor of the narrow interpretation of another’s; valuing this interpretation rather what you know about yourself.

Does he really know his children at all?

Does he know himself at all?

If his Instagram Live is any indication, both answers are “No.”

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