Thoughts In A Quarantine: Da’Rona

Da Rona is not for play-play!

We are almost there. Coming close to the end of pandemicand there has been a lot going on. People are rediscovering their passions and artistic purposes, spending more time with their family, and trying their best not to strangle their kids due to home schooling. Whichever part of the extreme you may be atthis time; this is almost over! Yes, be excited. The states are slowly opening back up and we are close to getting back to everyday life. Until then, I know I am not the only one that has had some necessary time to thing and reflect. In this piece, I would like to share with you some of the thoughts that my and myself have had over the last past 3 months. (Yes, in the state of Kansas, our job quarantined us since March).

Thoughts through quarantine:

Day 1:

Wow. I can’t believe my job cared enough to send me home. My job cares about us!


This isn’t too bad. I can wake up and not have to deal with traffic. I don’t have to get dressed or worry about putting gas in the car. I can get used to this.

Day 5:

I can get used to this. Kids are doing schoolwork with their teachers, while I work. I don’t get interrupted. We also have great family time together doing arts and crafts. This coronavirus might be a blessing in disguise. 

Day 15:

I am so tired of cooking for these kids. Everyday! They want breakfast, lunch and dinner! If I have to do one more project, I’m going to snap! I am emailing my kids teachers and telling them they need to come get they kids. RETURN TO SENDER!

Day 30:

Please God, help me to stay sane and not sit my kids on the curb. I know you do all things for a reason and you say obey the laws of the land, HOWEVER, we need to call DA RONA to the head of the congregation because this here ain’t right.

Day 45:

I am so happy to be able to talk to my friends on Facebook messenger and Zoom. Without them, I would have set my kids and their homework on their teachers front porch with a: “Will work for food!”, sign.

Day 60:

I need to get out this house. The walls are closing in on me. 

Day 61:

(On the way to the grocery store. Some states have lifted the laws to essential business)

Why in the hell is so cold outside? It is May! Its supposed to be sunshine and warm weather. Its feel like fall out here. Let me hurry up and come back so I can get in the house!

While that is only a few of the thoughts that myself and my friends have had, I will say this. Yes, this is a scary time for all of us. The best I can tell you is to do what is best for your family. Keep yourself and your family safe. That is top priority. I would like to take this time to thank all the essential workers on the front lines who risk their lives to be in service of us. You also have family, friend and loved ones going through this with us. Thank you will never be enough. This is rough for all us, but remember one thing, parents, you can not sit your kids outside because you do not understand how to help them with your homework!  

~~~Be safe~~~

3 thoughts on “Thoughts In A Quarantine: Da’Rona

  1. I read your posts. WordPress tipped me off to your excellent and frequent writings which I read with increasing frequency. Keep it up! But to think that we’re going to return to a pre-pandemic past is wishful thinking.

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