This week tired my 4C curls!

Little Richard has found out ‘If you keep’a knockin, and you can’t come in’ don’t apply to Heaven’s door, Betty Wright is gone, folk trippin about Lizzo, citizen polices in gate communities still harassing Black folk, Candace Owens is trying to be a the Bedwench equivalent to Wonder Woman, Jeff Bezos is now about to a trillionaire! Chile!

Let’s get it!

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Man! What do I say about this here? I have parents whom are Baby Boomers. There are certain songs I can relate to memories. My father always listened to music. One of his first gifts to me was a record–yes, a VINYL record. It was by Lionel Richie. And I would always ask him to play it! From there, my love affair with music began. On Sunday nights, he would listen to KLOU, which is a station that played oldies. And my favorite Little Richard song is actually, “Long, Tall Sally“. I still love that song! And WILL break out and dance if I hear it somewhere. #RandomDanceMoment

And to lose Betty Wright days later from cancer?! Something about this don’t feel fair! There is a piece of culture that is lost when our legends leave. It always feel like there is something they forgot to give us, some secret, some key that will allow us to keep going.

I believe this is why music has the power that it does! Music allows you to tie past and present, while pushing you to future. It heals because it opens the inner most part of our souls that know and respond to sound. What are words but sounds? What do you do to a word you don’t know: sound it out!

Don’t dismiss music, and the architects of genres. We have to know music is more than just chords, notes and instruments. Sometimes its medicine.

#Trillionaire #ThisDontMakeSense #Amazon #Capitalism #WhoNeedThisMuchMoney #NoOneThatIsTheAnswer #IDidntThinkThisWasPossible #AmazonIsAWholeKingdom #MyPrimeAccoutIsCancelledDoe

Look, when I was a Tiny Torch, I would play with my Barbies and imagine being a trillionaire! I would imagine the house I would want, how big and how I wanted it on a beach or near water. I remember playing with my Barbies with my cousin Nathaniel, and my cousin John said being a trillionaire wasn’t possible.

That it wasn’t possbile.

Yet…Jeff Bezos has become one! The first one! Make no mistake: I am not championing King Bezos. Not at all. What I am going to say about this is the same as Mama Gump said to Forrest: “A man only needs a certain amount of money, and the rest is just for show.” That is exactly what this is! Let me write what 1 trillion is: 1,000,000,000,000.

That’s a 1 with 12 zeroes, Torches. TWELVE. That is 2 more than 10! And one man has that much money! Yet, won’t pay the people that work for him an adequate wage! That are sleeping in their cars, staying with folk, and can’t get health insurance! But their boss got so much money we can stop calling him Jeff Bezos, but TOP HAT! This man is clearly playing Monopoly and we keep trying to back around to “GO!”

He messed around and got rich off 2-day shipping!

#TheyWontKeepKillingUs #NAACP #BlackLivesMatter #CallRacismWhatItIs #AncestorsBeWatching #WeKnowThisPlace #DoNotBeTricked #DoNotBeRockedBackToSleep #KnowWhatItHappening #Push #Fight #Pray #Serve #Unity #QueenLatifahSaidItFirst

In the celebration of the Pulitzer Prize of Ida Bell Wells Barnett, I have renewed interest in joining the NAACP. There has to be more done than retweeting, reposting, sharing trauma porn, and just being mad ALL of the time. At present, you have to put that anger TO something! I have decided to join the NAACP because there has to be something else to attach this energy to. I am done being mad with no influence. I’m sure if Mother Ida was here she would tell me to bring all my talents in dismantling all the crazy I see around me!

I don’t say all this to brag. I say this because there has to be more which we can do, must do, and will not be stopped from doing!The time to be scared is OVER, Torches. Cowards will not be allowed to keep killing young, Black men because their racism tells them they can!

I understand this space is open to all, I wanted it to be that. Yet, this space is BLACK AF. Let’s not get that confused! If you are an ally to the current Black Lives Matter movement, if you love someone Black, KNOW someone Black, you need to understand one thing. You can no longer be content to be an ‘oppression tourist’ as Mikki Kendall would say (read HOOD FEMINISM to know more about this concept).

It is no longer cool to be a part of this movement, adjacent to this movement, and ‘having Black friends’ and not willing to help dismantle the system which makes murders like this normal! You cannot be a Torch, and be unaware. To be a Torch, by definition, you have to bring light. In being called a FIRESTARTER, your job is to be or bring light, heat and smoke.


This week we want to extend all of our love and fire to the Class of 2020. We want to remind you that this is not the end of a journey, just the end of this chapter. Your successes are not determined by the opinions of other people, neither are they diminished by certain social markers! Besides, President Obama is doing a virtual commencement tomorrow…for y’all! Why? Y’all deserve it. And it is good that in the midst of all this chaos, there be an anchor. What better anchor than words. Go forth and conquer!

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