Talk About It Tuesday-05/12/2020

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This week’s topic comes courtesy of Power 105.1:


I have never been the girl to want to grab some of her friend to go and kick in some other woman’s or man’s door for that matter. You can tell from this mug shot that Nina “Set It Off In The Mutha” Thomas, she is not sorry–neither is she for the bullshit. She had time. Nina Thomas had time for Earl Thomas. And something about this is so sad that it could only be ratchet. And it is ratchet!

I mean, my heart goes out to Nina. It goes out to Nina because I have been the wife that has been cheated on. I have been the one trying to make something work which no longer will or could work; I have also been one decision away from kicking in a door with a burner and airing something out like fresh laundry! So, I get it. I get it! The thing is, you have to be able to be brought back to the center, shug! You have to be able to be brought back to the center.

What do I mean?

When rage hits you that tough, you have to have someone you trust to remind you what you could lose. What you may have already lost! What you stand to lose if you keep going down the trail of “Imma just handle alla this herre!”

This girl now faces a list of charges–all felonies mind you!–and her friends who came with her? Whom probably amped her up in the car? They got arrested! And one of them had the total audacity to film this, and she, Nina Thomas–Earl’s wife–is recorded to have said, “I got something for all you hoes!”



You are the wife! You are the one with the legal right to empty accounts, change locks and end the relationship with something in your hand you helped build! The fact she logged into Earl’s Snapchat (1), pinpointed his location at an Air B n B (2), went over there (3), with his gun to ‘scare him’ (4) and this all is on video, (5) and the police were called?

By the third count–and the counts being where it got to be too damn much–someone should have pulled her back. No one did. And that is ridiculous! And this coming from a woman that has gone through her own relationship trauma–but had someone to snatch me back to remind me this man, any man, is not worth losing life, freedom or money over.

Now she has lost off that damn near, hasn’t she? And for this to get to this level–that she had to get in his Snapchat and go over there and show out? Man, look. He had to have done this before–a lot of times before. Which makes this all the more sad! Is he sorry, do I think? Nall. Just mad he got caught.

Just imagine if that bullet in the chamber had fired! Who would be more sorry?

I’ll wait.

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