Murder hornets, gypsy mouths, Satan’s valet has COVID-19, gas prices are dropping, this Michael Jordan documentary is wrecking havoc, my TBR list is increasing in spite of quarantine, Daniel “Tekashi 69” Hernandez is out of prison, Roy from Siegfried & Roy is dead from Coronavirus, white women MAD they are being called ‘Karen’ and are equating it to being called a n—-, and scary racist White folk stay murdering Black folk.

It’s a mixed bag this week, Torches. But, let’s get it!

#AhmaudArbery #PoliceMurder #Georgia #TheDevilWentDownToGeorgia #OnTape #JoggingWhileBlack #WhiteFolkDontRunUS #WhyShootHim #IAmTired

I am not shocked this video surfaced. I am not shocked that two White men shot him. I am not shocked they assumed he was doing something because he was out jogging.


In February. It is not May. MAY.

I am glad they were arrested, but they should have been arrested when this happened in February! I am tired of lying police and this demonic Blue Wall. I am tired of seeing men that look like my brother die because racists believe they are endowed with the superpower of whiteness; in order to perserve it, whiteness must eradicate blackness.

We. Not. Finna. Do. This. Ever.

I am tired of hash tags. I am tired of being mad. I am tired of rage tweeting! I want justice to indeed be justice! I want Black blood to stop feeding pockets and cemetery trees.

I am tired. I want to live. And I will fight for alla us to keep living. By any means necessary.

#MurderHornets #GypsyMoths #TheseIsNotNormalBugs #OutsideIsClosed #IMightNeverComeBackOutside #ThisAintARaidIssue #CanYouShootThese #IfYouSwatItYouMightBreakSomething #WhatAboutTheBees

Lookahere, I didn’t even know what a MURDER HORNET was till a few days ago! And to find out they can be the size of a computer mouse! And sting you through a beekeeper suit! IKYFLTM! See there! I was thinking of gardening again, but it’s a wholeass hazard now! And a Gypsy Moth! What is this?! I wish you cats would stay in the house so God can stop sending plagues!

I mean, what KILLS a MURDER HORNET! Like?! I run from bees! I cannot deal with 2020! I want my refund for the first 5 months of this year! Lookahere! I cannot run from Murder Hornets in flip flops and sundresses! This is not cute, Torches! And this is dangerous! Please be safe! The ancestors will not protect you in a pandemic, insect infestation and a polar votex on the cusp of Hurricane season! Bruh! Stop testing God, please!

#AmandaSeales #TryItOnMe #TheReal #SheHadTime #IGotTime #JustinTriedIt #BeAnAllyAllTheTime #Allyship #ComeOnHereAmanda #BlackWomenToTheRescue

I like Amanda Seales. I am HERE for her! The fact that she came for Justin “My Wife Don’t Believe In Vaccinations For My Son” Timberlake for his comments about #AhmaudArbery on his Instagram–but shutting off his comments. I am glad that Amanda said something! I am glad that other white folk are calling out this ‘trending allyship’, and forcing this Retweeting/Instagramming activists to see that REAL Black people are being murdered and REAL White people WITH REAL guns are doing this!

But as always, its Black women alerting the world to the problems in it! You cannot be an ally and be problematic about it! These young men where shot on video–VIDEO! Justin Timberlake need to gon’ with this here! This ain’t the smoke you want, sir! The time has passed to be passive about ANYTHING! Y’all need to pick a side and stay!

This week, Ida Bell Wells Barnett (1863-1931) was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her investigative journalism work in documenting lynching. This woman, the Patron Saint of The Ideal Firestarter, passed away almost 90 years ago. However, we honor her in this space–with every post, every share, with every word. Her worth and legacy are beyond the accolades of people. I end this week with a quote from her grandson who said, “She didn’t suffer fools, and she saw them everywhere.” That’s us to, Ms. Ida. That’s us, too.

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