Thoughts In A Quarantine: The News, Sleeping In And No More FreeTime

This quarantine got me feeling like Gamora.

I am an essential worker.

Aside from my superhero job as being the mother of two of the dopest young ladies on planet Earth, my day job is at a hospital. I work as a Patient Care Tech on the 9th floor of a local hospital. As of July, this will be year 6 of doing this work. The thing is, when all this hit? I was at home. I had been home almost a month when this virus blew through the Midwest and put a stranglehold on the whole nation!

But the thing is this…I rested. I was safe. I had needed this time with my children. They needed to see me, and I legit needed my mind to rest! I know there are people whom may say that is crazy of me to say, but EYE needed to see my bed more than I had before! And I was in a position where I could be off for a minute, and the world not come a raging dumpster fire!

I rested though. Not just slept, I RESTED. And I told my husband to “Please turn the news off!” I asked him this because it served nothing positive to the children we are raising to hear the President lie, Fauci face palm, or to hear who has all died! No body needs that and then have the audacity be mad when you can’t sleep!

For the month I was off, my rest got rest. And it was fantastic! It was what my body and mind BOTH needed. And it was—if I could be honest, time for me to do serious self-reflection. It was time for some real evaluation beyond “Is Mama okay?” And I had to admit—I wasn’t. I had to admit where I was emotionally, was not wear I needed to be! No where near!

So, I started making plans and decisions. I said no to stuff that didn’t add to me. I wrote more (shocker!) and allowed myself to feel the stuff I had locked away or pent up. Why? Now there was time to do so. I let myself be for a damn second!

On the road to superheroness (mother, writer, budding mogul, mentor) there is no room for rest. Until there is something so big that only rest will fix it. And the first thing all good superheroes do is to know what their weaknesses are—so they can be aware and not over compensate! My weakness was trying to do alla everything…at the cost of sleep!

Sleeping till 11am everyday for 30 days, knowing my whole fault was there and safe, no longer ships in the night? No longer having to see my kids at intervals between school-work-sleep? It was beautiful! And needed.

It makes me wonder if superhero costumes have space to put wallet family photos in.

[image from Pinterest]

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