Talk About It Tuesday-05/05/2020

For the video part of this week’s topic, click here.

Sis, this is raggedy and you need to sit all the way down! You cannot expect this man to come and tend you and YOUR household knowing that he has a life outside of you! He is gone, ma’am! He ain’t coming back, sis! He is paying you $900. He is the one you had the baby with! He is the one with the wife with the money she ain’t gotta give you none of! The fact you have the audacity of a bounced rent check to even consider doing this makes me think you really have no idea what it means to truly accept where you are in this process!

As my grandmother would say, “This are your babies (in this case baby). And you have to take care of them.” This plot you trying to cook up might just backfire too! You said yourself your ex-husband and his new wife don’t have accounts together. Say you do go to court. Say you do ask for your modification from damn near $1000 month. Say the judge listens–and rules $900 is too much! And then cut what you do have! Then what?

I’ll wait.

Everything is tough right now, shug. For everyone! And he could be lying to you about the money she makes also! Don’t be a fool now! Get a hustle. Budget better. And keep it pushing–you cannot depend on your ex-husband to help you–there is a reason why he is.

Remember that.


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