Thoughts From A Quarantine: The Kids Are Drinking Up All The Milk

Went out to buy soya milk but I can't find any... ya girl bought ...
“Who said we were handling this quarantine without alcohol?”
-Firestarter Staff

I have been a mother for about a third of my life now. As of this September, I will have a 13-year-old and an 11-year-old. This means I am in the last leg of this lift sentence! In another 5-7 years? I will have an 18 and 20 year old. And looking 40 in the face–that is humbling.

With this pandemic, it has forced me to remember all my training as the daughter of a nurse. This means bleach and wash everything. And I mean everything! Ain’t nobody got time for this Rona! At all! But with the kids being home, and me being home, and the school being at home, all I do is cook and shop, mane!

I cannot keep peanut butter, bread, cereal or milk in my house! My children will smash a whole family size box of cold cereal–but will leave the hot cereals (read: oatmeal) on the counter! And I have bought more milk during these last 50 days that you would have thought I had a cow or messing with a farmer! And at this point? That might be the next thing I do! Shoo! It’s a shortage erre where! What I look like not maximizing all my resources!

My oldest eats 2 bowls of cereal filled to the brim of the bowls I eat soup or chili out of, and make the cereal float! Just like her Mama had 20 some years ago. And she has the audacity to eat my Lucky Charms!

Cereal for breakfast.

Cereal for snack!

Eating dry cereal for movie snacks! Bruh! And I won’t even tell you what my oldest told me she once at three (THREE!) bowls of cereal in one sitting because she was hungry! Fam! And the bogus thing is this–when I want some cereal I have to make sure there is milk. And if there isn’t milk? My youngest will tell me because she has no concept of what a lie is, the usefulness of tact, or her Mama not making sure she has milk in the fridge!

And whenever I go to the store, the milk is on a ration! I can only get 2 jugs (yes, JUGS because I’m country!) of milk at a time, and I cannot buy of all the cereal! I refused–while the quarantine is going on–to buy any Ramen because my children will eat the for meals, thinking they are the best things in the world. Not the struggle meals they can sometimes be!

But I can’t even be mad! These Netflix and Daughter meetings in the Lower Level of the The Ideal Firestarter Headquarters in the Living Room Suite are much more fire with a baked good and milk. Or cake and milk. Or chocolate milk! Milk is always ready and versatile! And I am so spoiled that if there are cookies and no milk? I won’t eat any.

So, I cannot be mad about these milk runs! Soon, it will just me getting milk and watching whatever is clever on what streaming is service is available then. Soon it will just be me with the same box of cereal, and milk going bad–because no one is there to drink it.

So, I’ll buy it and smile. I’ll still be mad when they spill it or leave a sip of it left in the jug. But I’ll smile after I fuss. But I’ll still go get it. The milk runs are still a thing.

That’s how I get my Moscato. Ain’t no white Hennessy in St. Louis.

[image from Pinterest]

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