I’m still grieving Kobe Bryant’s loss, and it’s Mambacita’s Birthday! Sudan has criminalized FGM, the live-action Hercules is giving me so much joy, Elliot Stabler is coming back to to SVU, people are still mad about ha omg to stay home, Ava DuVernay is giving out grants to artists, and Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion have rescued the dreariness of quarantine! I’m ready ready for summer, bih!

Let’s get it!

#AvaDuVernay #Arts #BlackArtistsMatter #Grants #SeatsAtTheTable #MakeATable #Patrons #PushForward #Create #Empower #Write #Produce #BlackCreativesMatter

I am a creative. I have been a creative since age 4 when I started drawing in my book. I was a creative when I told my first story around the same time about being a ballerina. I was a creative before I could have ever been, thought to be, anything else. Yet, this is the trapping of being a smart, creative kid: the world speaks more to the brilliance than the creativity.

So, at hearing of the Academy Award Nominated Director to speak to this need to support Black creatives (writers, artists, producers, filmmakers, actors)? I shouted! I felt seen more than I ever have!

It is a beautiful thing to create. It is another to be seen! Ava DuVernay is doing both.

#Hercules #Disney #ZeroToHero #LiveAction #SneakTightropeInTheSoundtrack #ImHereForTheMuses #MusesMatter #WhereJHud

I NEED THIS MOVIE TO HURRY UP AND OCCUR! I only want to see this movie for three reasons:

1-Who is finna be Hercules?

2-Who is finna be Meg?

3-How many Muses are going to be involved in this because in Greek Mythology? There are 9.

If I had to cast this? I would make these 9 women muses:

Janelle Monae. Aretha Franklin. Jasemine Sullivan. Monica. Brandy. Leona Lewis. Ledisi. Chaka Khan.

I need this to happen. Disney did an excellent job with the live-action Mulan, this one should be all that and some more! This is as good a time as any to need a superhero! Let us keep that same energy!

#Stabler #IMissedHim #HeMadeTheShow #WhenThisGonEndDoe #22Seasons #HowLongStablerBeenGone #LivAndElliot #TogetherAgain

So, I am a fan of true crime. I have been a fan of Law & Order when it was Homicide Life On The Street! So, I am a fan of the Law & Order franchise! I think Law & Order: SVU is the best of this franchise—and Jack McCoy is a whole mood! But, I’ll focus.

My little sister has always said “Stabler made the show!” And I agree! When he left, I had no reason to watch it! I love Olivia—YES, YES I DO!—But after she was raped and had to deal with ‘The Beast’? Chile, I had to take a break! With hearing Christopher Meloni is returning to the show? In the time of Andrew Cuomo and The Mad Titan? I need this, man.

This week dearest ones, remember to breathe. Be present. Be aware the world does not just revolve around you, but you are an essential part of it! Keep going. We see you! See y’all next week!

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