It is now April 32nd…

The Mad Titan still lying, Yamiche still being amazing, Kobe Bryant is now a Hall Of Famer, Jacksonville Beaches are reopening next week, the governor of the second largest state in the Union is ‘relaxing’ social distancing because science is no match for empowered stupidity, and Kanye is a bigger coon than any wild raccoon, Sambo or Stephen from Django could hope to be.

Let’s get it!

#KobeBryant #StillMourning #BlackMamba #PrayForVanessa #GirlDad #8 #24 #Lakers #Legacy #BasketballHallOfFame #StillHurts #Mambacita #RememberTimeIsAGrace

This week I found out Kobe Bryant will be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. I will be honest with y’all, Torches. I am still grieving. I am still thinking that this man is only 2 years older than I am. I am thinking I was looking forward to this induction once more time had passed. With all these horrific headlines, this was a bright spot. It truly was.

And it was needed.

It is almost seems fitting on the 73th anniversary of Jack Roosevelt Robinson integrating Major League Baseball, it is appropriate the sports world is paralyzed right now. With no choice other to remember and reflect.

#TheSycophants #NotASheeple #HimWithoutNameWithVoldemort #StayWoke #GetOut #SunkenPlaces #StuntQueens #ThisIsWhereWeAre

So, Donda’s son said that he is still going to vote for the Mad Titan come November. Please don’t ask me if I am shocked. Please. Don’t ask me or at (@) me about it.

I will not continue to hash, rehash and over explain the lunacy of this man whom his given ventilators to Russia in the midst of a pandemic. I will not continue to feign surprise at people who look like me supporting people determined to kill the people who look like me.

Donda’s son is exactly who is–this is not an act. This is not him being bipolar. This is him believing his money has allowed him to transcend his Chicago, Illinois blackness– making him Kanye, forgetting that he didn’t always have clout, or Yeezys or the right to smash Kim Kardashian.

This dude believes in his ‘sophisticated ignorance.’ In the age of Jordan Peele, he ain’t figures out game yet…

#NursesStrong #CNAStrong #DoctorsStrong #Support #Superheroes #Heroes #SupportCNAs #SupportAlliedHealth #SupportNurses #StayHome #QuarantineIsAThing #BelieveScience #ScienceAndFaith

I am the daughter of a nurse and a doctor. I am a CNA as a day job. I have a faith in God, and believe that hand-washing is a power all its own. The time we are in now warrants the belief in both! If nothing else, I need you all to remember the people not shouted from the rooftops through this pandemic. The people that the world at large forgets about–are now heroes!

Let me hip you to game right quick.

When you are admitted to a hospital, you are going to be part of a care team. That care team consists of a doctor, a nurse and a Patient Care Tech/Certified Nurse’s Aide. This team also has “wings” into Allied Health. These people are your Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Respiratory Therapists.

The honorable mention: doctors are a part of teams as well! This includes medical students, interns and residents. They need to be celebrated too!

It’s not just doctors and nurses keeping people safe. It’s a team effort. Health care is a team effort. Aides/Techs do more than you think. Nurses make Doctors better–and keep Doc’s from killing patients! Nurses are advocates and leaders, yet when a tech and nurse work well together? That is some Batman and Robin stuff there!

Don’t forget as you sing the praises of ‘nurses and doctors on the front line’, they aren’t the only ones.

The high mark for us this week is this: D.L. HUGHLEY RETWEETED US! Ahhhhhh! Want to know what he retweeted? Follow us here on La Instagram.

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