Peace, Love, and Social Distancing

Commentary: With coronavirus, we should practice 'physical ...
Sometimes space is more than just space.

You ever had silence so thick you could cut it with a knife? What if that same silence rings throughout your entire body? Throughout this Social Distancing order I, like many others, have had nothing but time to myself and honestly? I’m starting to enjoy it a little too much. Granted like everyone else within the first few weeks I felt stir crazy! I wasn’t getting my daily dose of social interactions from work. I wasn’t dealing with the constant buzz of group chats from school friends and family alike. Most of all, I wasn’t stuffing myself with rolls from Texas Roadhouse every Friday anymore. It was driving me literally insane! But in the past week I have truly become at peace with all the new found peace in my life!

Everything has been so much more quiet: I wasn’t listening to the hustle and bustle of work; complaints of coworkers; or dreadful group chats! I didn’t realize how much I needed this complete stop of everything.

This complete silence.

I love every bit of it.

I don’t have to keep up with anyone else and their day. I don’t have to worry about running behind for anything. I’m not answering a million calls, and emails. My brain has been so silent for the first time in years, and I never knew just how much I needed that. My brain being on hush has put me on hush as well. No outgoing calls or emails. I’m sure it’s shocking for everyone because this motor mouth moves constantly. That being said, I know a lot of people are hating being indoors and on lockdown. But this is our time to truly appreciate the silence.

Appreciate how slow the world is moving for once, and really tap into you! Your crafts; what makes you happy; the important parts of your life. I think we all tend to lose focus of those things when we’re moving at a mile a minute doing a thousand things!

Mothers lose a piece of themselves not only tending to kids, but work, and upholding their mental health.

Students lose track of the parts of school they should enjoy because they’re focused on good grades, sports, and extracurriculars to look good on college applications.

The average adult is slipping away in insane work hours. Everyone forgets the small things trying to juggle others so it’s now; now’s the time to sit and revel in the small, and enjoy the peace!

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