I Don’t Owe You My Time

Let Jayida tell you why she mad! Remember, mad is not bitter! -JBHarris

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I don’t owe you my time or even a response!

It’s a tough pill to swallow, that I know. A pill that I had to learn to swallow years ago. Being young, obsessed with the idea that I deserve a response, (and deserved the little bit of free time people had), had me in for a rude awakening as I got older!

Granted, I’m still young. But between Sophomore year of high school, and Junior year of college a lot can change! My idea of just how much I deserve to impede on others lives has completely changed. Nowadays, I’m having a hard time dealing with those that blow up my phone if I don’t usher a response in 10 minutes! Or those who are insulted by my lack of appearances when they invite me out.

I know y‘all gotta feel me on that!

We all got that one person around that just wants you everywhere and to text them back in seconds! Maybe you don’t though! Maybe you are that person! Boy! Do I got something to tell you:

People’s free time is not your time!

I know we all fall under the impression that when people aren’t working, they’re away from school, that they have enough time to respond to text or to go on outings, but that’s just not the case! Some folks “free time” is really “me time”. Their time away from everything isn’t always supposed to be filled with other things. No matter how much you may want to “kick it” or FaceTime for hours on end, some people just don’t have it in them to deal with all that after a long day of work! It’s best to respect that. Even if the friend or family member seems like they’re always saying no, they have that right! Just because you both may share a relationship of sorts does not mean they always have to be present. Sometimes life swallows people up, and all they have time for is them, and their things. A lot of us have to realize their life doesn’t always include us.

So what I’m saying is, respect your folks space! If you haven’t heard from them in a week or two doesn’t mean they’re “acting funny” or “different”. They really may just need all the time they can get to focus on them and ground themselves! Let them. Let them not respond quickly. Let them miss events! Once they are back in the mood to be back on the scene they may be feeling like their best selves! 

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