Not Every Black Girl Is Bitter…And She Owes You Nothing.

This weeks reading is still from Eloquent Rage by Dr. Brittney Cooper. I told y’all to get it. -JBHarris

I am tired of everyone trying to come for Black women. I am tired of trying to justify why I ‘feel away’. I am tired of trying to justify how I am mad. I’m grown, I can be mad! The trick is to know when you need to let that go–before it becomes bitterness.

Bitterness saps all the joy out of anything and anyone. With that and for that, let me say this as well:

Not all Black women are bitter, some of us are just mad. And we are allowed to be mad! Black women deal with sexism; microaggressions; racism; sexism; toxic patriarchy; misogyny–its an alphabet soup of discrimination! From how we wear our hair to how our names are spelled, someone got something to say about how we rock! It does not make a Black woman bitter who does not want to smile–or smile at you! I don’t owe you anything! My Sisters don’t owe you anything! And I can just be mad and wait in Starbucks for my Iced Mocha Latte–that does not make me bitter.

It does not make me bitter to emote.

The old folk say, “Not every tooth is a smile.” So, she might be smiling at you, and cursing you out simultaneously. I promise you–I have done it! I know what it is about Black women being, and not being syrupy/sugar cane sweet that the world cannot deal with us! I don’t have to disarm you for your to respect me. I don’t have to ‘smile’ cause you asked me in order for you to not call me a ‘bitch’ to my face, when you walk away or in the comments.

I can emote. I can be mad–without it automatically being classified as being bitter! I can move through the world, and be in the world, and never be included in yours. And that’s cool, too. I’m socially selective these days…and my quota of stupid is filled for a lifetime.

[images from The Ideal Firestarter and AZquotes]

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