The CDC here is the states is recommending cloth masks to everyone in public, The Orange Idiot is saying he ain’t wearing one, no one state has enough ventilators, The Sith Lord is holding all the masks hostage, nurses are quitting, doctors are dying and Winton’s Daddy passed away and so did Bill Withers! Lawd, what is we about to do?!

Let’s get it!

#Masks #BeCareful #EvenBorisJohnsonSaidToTestPeople #HowLord #FoolishKings #LeadershipCosts #ThisIsDangerous #WashYourHands #BeCareful #WashYourHandsWithSoap #Bleach #Ammonia #Lysol #HousekeepingIsEssentialNow

My friend Kacie is a seamstress. This means she makes clothes. And now? She has a side hustle of making masks. MASKS! The CDC has recommended that everyone (read: everyone/ TODO EL MUNDO) wear a mask when you go out in public. Hand washing. Public distancing. Minimize your contact with people. Stay home if you can. For my Torches that work in healthcare, make sure you are taking your precautions. This means even changing clothes before you leave work or as soon as you get home. And a bleach wipe to the bottom of your shoe–it’s a reality. What I need you all to understand is how insidious this is becoming. The Orange Idiot is not wearing a mask for political reasons–the subjects can’t see their KING taking this seriously–because then they would have to. This is the precipice of bad things, my dearest Torches. Be safe. Don’t listen to this man. If you value your life, do not listen to him. They don’t make a medicine that cures white supremacy powered foolishness.

#Music #EllisMarsalis #Legend #NOLA #WintonMarsalis #BranfordMarsalis #HeTaughtHarryConnickJr #BillWithers #GrandmasHands #LeanOnMe

This week, two musical legends passed away. One of them was Ellis Marsalis–this man was so influential to the world of jazz that it cannot be adequate to explain here! Knowing he has passed away from age AND COVID-19? That is…it’s so much more devastating. The man that helped create Winton Marasalis and Branford Marsalis, and helped teach Harry Connick, Jr and Peter Cincotti–is gone. To me, that is extra heartbreaking. And to have Bill Withers pass away TODAY? It hurts a little more. Why? I wrote the elegy for my maternal grandmother to the song “Grandma’s Hands.” And his music is in constant rotation on my writing playlist. This hurts the artist in me. But–know what? This is cause for another playlist. Thank you, Bill. Rest easy, Mr. Ellis.

#FindingTheJoy #Nurses #Doctors #CNAs #PCTs #Therapists #Hospitals #UrgentCare #ThisIsReal #Fight #Win #WashYourHands #ValueHospitalStaff #ThereIsAndEndButWeHaveToFight #DaughterOfANurse #IAmACNA #IAmAPCT #IAmTheDaughterOfADoctor #SendingLove

I am the daughter of a nurse. A Black, 40-year-veteran of the nursing profession. I will be 39 in June, and she was a nurse during the AIDS outbreak (when it was still called GRID!), Ebola, SARS, and H1N1. My mother told me this, “Take care of yourself. Be mindful of what you are doing. Bleach everything.” My day job is a CNA/PCT, I’m exposed to things everyday in the almost decade that I have done this job! I have thought about what is going to happen when I go back to the floor again full time. Yet, the nurses that I know? The other CNAs that I know? The other doctors that I know? There is this camaraderie that is birthed when you work on a floor. It is like a family and for that reason? Am I scared? Yes, but the whole world is! Yet, I need to remind myself that I am doing a job–and my greater job is to be a healthy mom, daughter, wife and friend. That is essential. Nurses are tougher than you can imagine! CNAs/Patient Care Techs a tougher than you ever imagine! So are Respiratory Therapists, Physician’s Assistants, Certified Med Techs, EMT’s, Paramedics, Medical students and residents, and the housekeeping staff!

This is a point, my dear Torches, pray for the medical community. Send positive energy, send funny memes to the nurses you know, and check on them! This is unprecedented times, Torches. And it will take all of us to get through it. Appreciate your nurses. Love your CNAs/PCTs, and a appreciate the Docs. We’re underwater right now–appreciate that. And know we get tired too. But we aren’t whupped yet!

Note: Listen to nurses–they are advocates and boots on the ground. Listen to your techs when we notice something is going left! Doctors don’t know anything, and this is not a time for them to assume they do! We all need to, have to, must work together. #NursingStrong

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