COVID-19 Takeover…

The President is that in name only, Dr. Anthony Fauci is facepalming, state government is overtaxed, nurses are being thrown into this fray with nothing else to hang on to but each other, and people don’t want to say inside. There is not enough wine for this, Torches.

Let’s get it!

#InstaCartStrike #WhatYallThought #ICalledIt #ISawThisComing #ThisIsWhereWeAreNow #GiveThePeopleWhatTheyNeed #HandSanitizer #LifeAndAllItsTrapping #FirstWorldProblems

This just came across my desk within the last hour…but I cannot say I’m surprised. We are all trying to maintain sanity while indoors and caring for our children and spouses (I hope you got a bae that can cook!). So with all of us in our Hunger Games District ( we are District 9), of course people are relying on food deliveries and Instacart deliveries. But, I knew this was coming next. I promise I did. At the same time, this is a whole First World Problem.

Those that use these types of services, had to know all this was coming! If you are in the house, told not to be around folk, what make you think that folk are going to deliver you bacon, potatoes, liquor and eggs? Not without some more money and equipment! This here? This strike here? In the words of my sister the marvelous Hannah Drake, y’all about to feel this.

#FordFactories #Ventilators #WhatIsReallyGoingOn #ThisHere #MadOrangeTitan #TheMadTitan #ThisIsCrazy #AllKindaShit #Hubris #ThisAboutToBeBad

My writer friend, Jennifer Newell, shared this on her Facebook feed. The country in the middle of a pandemic which the country hasn’t seen in over a century, as we are running out of ventilators! The very machines that help people breathe! This particular Ford plant is Ohio was closed, and could have been opened to make ventilators. And somehow, the Great Negotiator couldn’t close this deal. I wonder why…

Meanwhile, the whole medical community is overtaxed, scared and angry. Hospitals are running out of PPE equipment (masks, gloves, gowns), people are dying left and right, and the Mad Titan wants to have everybody cheek to cheek on Easter Sunday. This is a set-up for a scarier 28 Days Later.

#StimulusBill #ItsMyMoneyAndINeedItNow #MoneyIsMoney #GimmeMySh!t #ThisIsBananas # HowIsThisPossible #YouGottaFightForWhatYouWant #ItsNotAboutToBeEnoughMoneyAnyway

There is something insidious with this money, fam. There is something, there is an evil undertone to and with all this. The Washington Post reports that the bill has been approved by the Senate and the House of Representatives, now signed by the President. I’ll be real with you family: I am looking at getting about $1700. I have two kids, rent, utilities and food to buy. It will take all the money magic and alla Jesus to maintain.

Make no mistake, I am grateful for this stimulus. I am, for real. But it’s a hook! Plain and simple. It’s a whole hook! I’m not bowing to the White Savior narrative and soup-up that wants me to smile, show all my teeth and hop-shuffle and dance about money–THAT I PAY TAXES FOR. And why is it such a huge thing to help people that need it? That honestly need it! It’s not enough, but it’s start. Essential jobs are essential to the people who benefit from

This nation loves to eat the poor, but when the poor starve–nothing is given to them–but each other.

My precious Torches, whether on this side of the world or the other, know that my prayers and hopes are with you. Know that we as the staff are pulling for your safety. Please wash your hands. Learn how to make your own bleach wipes (there are YouTube videos for this), and stay away from other people (aka social distancing) as much as possible. I’ll see you all next week.

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