March Madness: This Is Where We At?

Image result for fighting over toilet paper
If I wasn’t alive to see this, I would swear it’s all a lie…

As of this posting, we (my family and friends) are at about Day 9-10 of a self-imposed/mandatory quarantine. Now, my parents are Baby Boomers. I had a grandma that farmed. I was taught how to grocery shop, and the value of learning how to cook. When I became a Mama? I made sure I did a run for my paper products, and always had something In my freezer. So, when I heard through my Facebook family that folk were fighting about toilet paper! I threw my hands up!

I truly through my hands up and heard my grandmother voice jump out my face:

 “Y’all ain’t been taught shit!” 

I know we are stressed out, Torches. I know things are hype and hot right now, but fam! Fighting over toilet paper! Fighting over paper towels? Please make this make sense because I got nothing! I had to turn my TV off because I couldn’t take the minute by minute burning of the state anymore! I have been maintaining my sanity through watching my children play; watching my children laugh; the text messages from my mother; her calls even though I am knocking on 40. This situation has shown me that I’m not ready for her to leave me—and I wouldn’t know what I would do if my mother was in this situation, suffering from COVID-19. I couldn’t imagine if she were hooked up to tubes, and unresponsive, and being told there was no hope of hearing her voice again. I’m just not ready.

This is situation has shown me it’s basic stuff people don’t know. Like,  don’t know! How did we get here?! Have we gotten that withdrawn, tech-savvy, or disconnected all we can do is fight over toilet paper? There is a fear behind that kind of panic. And I don’t even know where to begin to untangle it! I mean is it because we are used to point-and-click and share to solve a problem? Are we that disconnected from family that we can’t see the forest for the trees? Are we that selfish that we must take everything from everybody else! What is happening to us, fam!

In this experience-even when this month’s theme!-everything seems to be stretching and flipping! This situation is making all of us question what is really going on! And what will every change—if it changes at all! This pandemic has shown the ugly sides of this thing called humanity. It is showing how greedy, how mean, how selfish we can be! And to see folk just out in the world—believing the the hype of youth and time? It is concerning. I will never forget one young non-melaninated Spring Breaker saying, “If I get corona? I get corona?” Who is raising these people! Have they been raised?

Image result for fighting over toilet paper

This March? This one here?! With professional sports being sidelined, service industry jobs sidelined, kids not going to school because there is no way to protect them–and the federal leadership in this? It’s laughable. I would cry if it would help.  As of this posting, there have been over 700 people whom have died. Why? This man—I say man because my mother reads this space—people believed his color (lack thereof!) would protect them from the ugly onslaught of Black and Brown folk wanting to be free, and be educated and represented! How dare we! The unit, the department Barack Obama put in place JUST FOR THIS REASON, this mother—- (sorry, Mama!) shut down. And when you confront Orange Thanos with this stank? He has nothing to say! He’s says its ‘fake news’ or denied he ever said it—even though his reaction—his own words!—are on tape.

And we are fighting over toilet paper.

My head hurts. At this point? Burn it down and start over.

Maybe May will be better.

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