The world is closed, but we ain’t!

School closings, people fighting over toilet paper, the Imposter POTUS proves everyday he is the bastion of all things racist and mayo related (and that white supremacy is a generational evil), people can’t even find Ramen noodles! And the Concrete Jungle cursed out Trevor Noah! Bruh! Here we go!

Let’s get it!

#TheBadKidsAreHome #TeachersAreSuperheroes #YouBelieveTheNotesNow #EducationInQuarantine #MathInDystopia #PayTeachers #RaisesForEducators #TeamBooks #IBetYouAboutToBeNicerToTheseTeachersAfterThis

There is a respect that is overdue to teachers. There truly is! I never understood these kids who would come to school and be rude to our teachers, and just be totally out the frame! I remember on more than one occasion a Melaninated Mama coming to the school and cursing a teacher out because she didn’t believe what her child’s teacher said about ‘her baby.’ Look, I know there are some raggedy teacher–trust, I know. But there are some teachers that are teaching your children, and these kids are out the frame! Let this time home with your child speak to you!

Some of these children act out because they are bored. Or they are struggling because they need help–or are undiagnosed (my daughter has ADD/ADHD; having this diagnosis has allowed me to pinpoint the help she needs and get it for her!). And some of these chill’un? They just clown because they see you clown. Flat out. Full stop. I said what I said.

Consider this time as the Creator/the Universe/Time telling you to plug back into your children! You are, we are, their first teachers. We teach them what to value, and how to conduct themselves! If you don’t teach them nothing, they will act like they haven’t been taught nothing (with all the double negatives!). Don’t miss this moment, Torches. Don’t miss it!

#CrefloGotACashApp #LordSendHelp #WatchForWolves #WatchForHelpers #WeNeedMrRogers #WhoGotABigChurchNow #BeWiseWithYourSeed #BeWise

When I saw this today, I almost cried. I truly did. I really did! I was reminded of what Bishop TD Jakes preached about two weeks ago, and him saying, “Who got a big church now?” And I shouted. I shouted because as a woman of faith it grieves me how the church and its parishioners sometimes act. And for this dude to pop up with a CashApp?! Telling people they can CashApp tithes and offerings to World Changers?! In this time?!


I am all for using technology to help the Body of Christ and do all the church is supposed to. That includes CashApp! But here! Right here? Dr. Dollar–Imma need you to not. Not right now. Not when folk are scared how to feed their kids, how to keep lights on, get gas and got the nerve to fight over toliet paper? I know everyone needs a job, but on some level–the needs of the people you shepherd need to come before CashApp, sir.

This is just a do-better moment. It truly is. It really, really is.

#TomBradyIsOverrated #NoOneIsPayingForAOldMansShoulder #HeCantBeatAManningDoe #WhereIsUncleShay #HeWouldKnowWhatToSay #TeamNewKnees

I would walk up and steal off on Thomas Brady. This is not a secret! I would take that charge. I promise I would! But this is not a secret, it truly isn’t. He was never that impressive to me–but then again I grew up in a house as the daughter of a lineman who was a ADAMANT football fan, and got to college by playing defense. So, that’s where my heart always will be. A quarterback can’t be a dope as need be without quality defense! With that said, let me say this–right now.

His dude is 43. He is 43 in a sport for young men. No one is going to pay all this money for a dude with his 43-year-old knees and shoulders. No one is going to do this…not ever. He is not Brett Favre and he saw what happened to Brett! Retirement is to do something else. There is no shame in that! There is no shame in doing something different! The shame is being too old to do the same thing young men do! This ain’t it, sir! I wish my Uncle Shan (Shanon Sharpe) to explain this. (In my Uncle Shan voice) “And he too proud to be a coach, Skiiip! The trouble is, he’s arrogant–he could be a bomb coach! But you can’t tell him nothing. Ain’t enough money for this problem.

This week, I want to give a special shout out to the teachers! Their jobs are needed and thankless—. Thank you to the cafeteria workers who feed kids who may not have anything at home. Thank you to the doctors and nurses that are on call, tired and scared. Thank you to the CNAs, CMTs, MAs, PAs, that help this mechanism called healthcare run! Thank you the retired nurses offering counsel, hope and experience! Thank you to the physicians who are showing their students just what medicine is supposed to do.

Tip the people still allowed to work in the service industry.

Y’all, this is hard one. Love your kids. Check on your people. This is one of those generational reset moments. Take advantage of it.

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