In The Madness, Learning To Do YOU

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There is no ”I’ in TEAM, but there is a “ME”.
Be for ‘ME”

This space, my dear reader, came from someone telling me that I was crazy to chase this dream of being a writer. That I was silly to pursue this dream of being a writer. It was from that place of drive, ambition and rage that The Ideal Firestarter was born. From the madness of motherhood, divorce, and the balance of being a mother and a writer–it indeed is a madness. So, in this place–midway between the end of old things and the beginning of new–let me be your bastion of light for a second.

The dream is free and the hustle is sold separately. Flat out. Deadass.

When the seasons change, it is natural to want to change something about yourself. Hair color. Saving money. Buy a car. However, for some of us–that is not good enough. Some of us want to change the entire scope of our lives, mane! Yet, people can only handle you on the level they believe most relateable. Meaning: as long as you don’t do better than other people, they are fine with anything you do. They can support you–as long as nothing changes.

The madness comes in when you allow those thoughts to affect or reflect the vision you have for yourself. You have to be able to fight through the madness thrown at you for the vision you want for yourself! Sometimes the madness you have to contend with isn’t even yours!

So, the advice I have for you is–move in silence. Be aware the people that are in your circle may not have your best interest at heart. You have to be able to realize the difference between support and stagnation. If you don’t, madness will be all you know!

Make the plans. Take the courses. Follow the live streams and get all the free manuals. Plan the trips. Save for the business! But you have to know what you want to do–and be undeterred for it. But, I need you to be aware that the madness you are fighting–may not be yours! It may be other people’s opinions–their concepts and thoughts–or the fears people throw on you.

Be wise, dear ones.

Your life if waiting, and time is a commodity!

Wake up and keep going.

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