From Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson being exposed to the coronavirus, Orange Thanos not knowing what to do because he can’t lead Simon Says, states are declaring emergencies, there is no toilet paper on Target shelves, schools are closing, Spring Breaks are extending, folks are being quarantined and this administration is a whole Typhoid Mary–and Andrew Gillum was caught having a whole Vegas weekend in Miami! 2020 is a savage!

Sigh. But we gon’ make it! Let’s get it!

#Quarantine #GotThemSayinWow #NBA #MLB #NHL #WhoCuttinChecks #WeAllInThisTogether #WashYourHands #SoapAndWater #HandSanitizer #CleanHandsAreSafeHands #OldSchoolCleanUp #BleachLysolWashRepeat #NoSchoolClothesOnTheBed

The NBA canceled the season until further notice; MLB/NHL pushed back the season starts! Bruh! A friend of mine told me, “I don’t know what ESPN is going to do for the next few weeks with all this going on!” I refuse to be panicked about this virus. I refuse to have this shake me or make me do more than I already do. What I started doing what the same level of housekeeping my grandmother did. I mean people are out her FLIPPING!

Here is what you can do to keep your family and you safe. Wash your hands (30 seconds, sing ‘Happy Birthday (This is what they taught us in nursing school)). Don’t drink after people. Wipe off everything. Spray all rooms. Change all sheets. Bleach all floors that are capable of being bleached. Also, with the added feature of ‘no school clothes on the bed’. Kids are petri dishes–my kids are clean, but I don’t know about everyone else’s!

People in Orange Thanos’s cabinet have been exposed, and he was slow as a box of tortoises in getting testing approved to help people! Then schools are shutting down for 2 weeks–mane! I could never have been this lucky as a student.

Enjoy the lockdown, beloveds. Get the toilet paper. Pay Netflix. And get condoms. That hunkered down sex is something else altogether different!

#NathanielWoods #Alabama #KayIveyIsABigot #KayIveyIsAMurderer #SayHisName #BlackLivesMatter #PamelaWoods #WhiteSupremacyIsADemon #CallItoOut #GetItHowYouLive

Lemme say this: The state of Alabama murdered Nathaniel Woods. Not executed–murdered him. Imagine my supreme joy when his sister, Pamela Woods, found that Wicked Witch at a Census Presser event and told her to her face, ‘You murdered by brother! You killed an innocent man.’ She was lucky she didn’t put hands on her! I would have! But that’s just me–and how I feel about me and mine.

And Kay Ivey (looking like the definition of the grandmother who claims she’s not racist because she has a ‘colored’ friend–but doesn’t want ‘Black grandchildren’) just looked. LOOKED.

The Prison Industrial Complex thrives on the ignorance of the social apathetic, and is fed by the innocent blood of Black and Brown bodies. Despite Nathaniel’s co-defendants saying he was not involved in the murder of these 4 officers, he was not given a retrial due to his ineffective counsel. His case would not be reviewed, and Kay Ivey refused to use her authority to spare his life. She’s a murderer.

It is sickening. I hope she not get another good night sleep long as she lives.

#AndrewGillum #VegasMomentsMiamiConsequences #HowLord #Heartbroken #HowLord #WhoWeGottaFight #SMH #SlapHim #NoOneHasTimeForThis

When I heard about this today in the Miami Herald, I thought it was a joke. I pleaded with the universe that it be a joke. I have nothing but respect for Andrew Gillum–nothing but. This situation doesn’t make me respect him less–but! It makes me wonder who his friends are. It makes me wonder who left him like that–it makes me question what was really going on? This situation has enough in it to make me question who fam is around! I mean I have had drunken nights, more than a few if I’m honest. But never did I, have I ever, woke up in a strange place, with stranger folk and not now how I got there. Never! This man is my brother’s age! Do better, ‘Drew. Please, do better. It is too much riding on The Culture to mess up LIKE THIS.

Let me end your week with this: Wash your hands. Love those dear to you. Laughter is free. Resist.

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