Black Owned Business Baby Showers

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Issa WHOLE mood.

Business baby showers.

Think about that–a baby shower for a business!

I heard about this idea via a Twitter post, posted to Facebook, which I shared on my personal Facebook page. The idea behind it being simple: starting a business is hard; just like we help a pregnant woman with the cost of having a child–let us help those women (and men) who are starting a business!


This idea, I have yet to see enacted. But, as a woman whom is in process of starting and maintaining a business I could imagine how it could go. With March Madness in full swing (and worldwide quarantine due to coronavirus!), you have time to get these business ideas started! Trust me, as a burgeoning business owner–it is a madness to get it off the ground.

What I can think of as it relates to Business Baby Shower, it should start with a dinner. Everyone thinks better after they eat–these are facts. I think the dinner could be held in honor of someone or hosted by someone else. At this meal, the business idea should be discussed or if it’s written, it should be given out as a proposal. Then, there needs to be a date given for this official Business Baby Shower (within the next 30 calendar days!), and everyone that was invited to this dinner, commit to bringing one thing that will help the Entrepreneur-To-Be.

This means someone can bring a business cards. Someone get them a work bag. Buy a domain for a year! Give gift cards for new clothes! Buy office supplies. Pay for a strategy call from a respected lawyer or law office. You would be surprised how far these types of consideration go.

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Black businesses are dope! Imagine how it would feel to help one START?!

When you decide to start a business, it is just like being pregnant. You are scared, you are unsure and you may think that you are all alone. The scariest thing is to build a business with no support. With no one believing in you. With no one thinking you have what it takes to sustain this thing that you are giving so much of yourself to build.

It sucks. It’s discouraging. It’s hard.

I think this idea, even if this person tweeted it in jest, is revolutionary! I think when people have support from folk that believe in an idea they have the more apt to succeed! You move different when people believe in what you’re doing.

Businesses are a different type of baby to carry. It is a different type of weight to carry. In the intersection of Black and business owner, we need you all to know we aren’t neglecting you all–we are business planning. It’s not the fact we are ‘broke’: we bought our domains. It’s not that we are acting funny, or think we are ‘better’ than anyone else! We are building what we see–and sometimes we are the only one that sees it. All the more reason to support baby business owners.

I mean, you don’t see a baby for 9 months. Surely, you can support the folk that tell you the business they want to start 9 months from now.

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