Change The Seasons, Change Your Life!

New things are never pretty….in the beginning.

The one thing I want you to take away from this month is nothing else, is new things are hard. New things are ugly, and when you add the superpower of a change in season on it? All types of ugly breaks out!

Trust me.

However; remember this is March Madness! The NCAA teams aren’t the only ones trying to make it, survive and be great! There are more people I know trying to start businesses, blogs, families, careers and finish degrees in the last 6 months than I have seen in the last 3 years, man! There is something about Spring, and the change of seasons that motivates folk to do new things, try new things, and be the best versions of themselves!

But–I dig that energy though.

As you fawn over the business plans, the blog posts and champion all matter magical happenings in your life, I need you to remember you cannot build with everyone, neither can you tell everyone what you are building! Not everyone is happy for you, my dear Torches, because you decide to you change your life! There are people who can and will only be happy for your as all things in both of your lives remain comparable, equal and undisturbed.

Watch the people whom never clap when you win.

There will not be a whole lot of people who will be happy you saved to buy a salon, when you where doing hair out of your house. There will not be a whole lot of people to be happy you went to get your Master’s to start the non-profit you dreamed of doing when y’all we both working two jobs! Not everyone will be happy that you decided to leave a crazy relationship in favor of preserving your own sanity, sis! Although change is hard, there is nothing harder than watching someone you once cared for and supported cease (not even stop! A stop can be gradual!) to give you the energy you gave them.

What I want you to remember is this Maya Angelou quote: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” This is in relationships, partnerships, professional growth, and when you have to make decisions of any magnitude or which are comfortable–people always show themselves. In order to see that, it just so happens, this most often occurs when the seasons change.

Build, and be aware. But build anyway.

[image from Pinterest]

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