For All The Things, & Doing All The Things, Or Finding More Things…

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It’s Spring time, you know what that means!

I had a grandmother that was a farmer and a sharecropper. Every time the seasons changed at her house, I could tell because of the activity in her house. If it was winter, she was putting plastic on windows. If It was fall, she was picking from her garden, or putting her owl box up for the field mice that would try to come in. If it was spring, she would be planting. It was at this time of year that I would be mesmerized!

There would be dirt, potted plants, plants to be repotted, watering cans and leaves everywhere. EVERYWHERE! But, the thing I always thought was most amazing what how she knew what went where, and why it went there, and how to put it back! Now, until she got sick, she was gardening. She was having my sister help her, her daughters help her, and she got what she needed done. So, what can potted dirt in a fastidious Black woman’s house teach you? Well, as always, I’m glad you asked. Here are your three takeaways.

You have to know what to change and when. It is about the be a new season! Before you begin the process of changing anything in your life (because change is a buzzword!), you have to know what you are changing and when you need to change it! You have to be aware of your own life and be an advocate in it! There will be be people to see your process as just dirt everywhere, with everything looking like someone kicked everything in your life over: to the untrained eye, yes. But as long as you know what you want to do and where you want things to go–that is all that matters.

Sometimes change requires help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, or with needing help. There will be an are times when change must occur that it will require some assistance! It will require you getting outside opinions or changing your point of view! Change requires you to be strong, bold and humble all at once. Take a class in something you love to learn how to do it better–or teach it! Expand your social circle and learn from people who do the things you want to do! Be brave! Ask questions! Don’t linger in obscurity when help is available!

Change requires focus. Change is a hard thing to do. It will require attention, it will require you believing said change will occur! It will require a mental capacity tough enough to pursue what you want! You will have to make up in your mind that what you want is greater than any other opposition. The rewards for pursuing will outweigh anything else you could imagine. More often than not, they are.

Indeed the time is come for new things to happen. For new things to turn over and for the letting go of things which are now too small for you. Get out your pots. Look at what you have and what you want. Don’t be afraid to get dirty in order to grow! Getting your hands dirty means you are involved in all aspects of your life and the changes to be made.

Make room for the room!

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