28 (29) Days Of Blackness: My Dream For Black Boy Joy-Teach The Princes How To Be Kings

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Teach the Princes how to be Kings.” -JBHarris

I came up with this quote two years ago when encouraging a friend of mine who is raising kids, trying to raise kids with a silly, bitter woman. I told him, speaking to the King in him, “Teach the Princes [his sons] how to be Kings.” And from then, I have said that to ever man I know raising boys, especially Black boys, in a world that desire to devour them.

If I am allowed to dream, if I have a dream I can share for the sons, the young men of the awesome Black men I know it would be wrapped up in one thing: joy.

I want to see more Black Boy Joy/Black Men Elation is the world! I want to see more touchdown dances, more mentorship groups! I want to see just as many academic full-rides as I do athletic scholarships!

I want to see more young Black men in smile.

I want to see more young Black men laugh–and not with malice or at the downfall of someone else.

I want more young Black men to cosplay, go to ComiCon and Miles Morales to be as well known as Peter Benjamin Parker.

I want more young Black men to be photographed doing out the box stuff–like rock climbing, kitefishing, snowboarding or painting landscapes!

I want to the young men in my world, being raised by some of the most incredible men I know to know who they are–an believe they belong in the world. I want their fathers to know they are equipped to handle any problem their son my come across.

I want these young men in my world, raised by their fathers to know their worth is not tied up in how many girls they can make scream their names. I want them to know love is possible. Love is real, and chivalry, care and thoughtfulness still when the day.

I want their fathers to remember its okay for boys to cry. It is never okay to call a boy soft. I want their fathers to love them if they are gay or queer, and teach them that patriarchy is to establish legacy, not to subjugate and abuse women.

Show them how to fight, when it is necessary and when to know the difference. Sometimes, silence is a weapon.

I want these amazing fathers to these most noble and brilliant sons, to know they are needed. They are necessary–and every young man, every son, every baby boy, needs their father. And as a Prince of this Earth, they should never have to contend or fight to see their father, the King.

I want the Princes of the Kings I know, to know what a father’s love feels like. I want the Kings of the Princes I know to always speak into their lives, to love them radically and support them.

The world has enough Jokers and Jesters. The time has come to really teach these Princes how to be Kings. And that starts with remembering you, as their father, are one.

Every June on The Ideal Firestarter is Men’s Month. This June will be no different. For more love letter to the wonderful male sex, follow us! And you can check the archives. Love and Light, -JBHarris

[image from Facebook group Conscious Black Kings]

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