Nina Simone would have been 87 today, Sidney Poitier is 93, Russia is trying to get over again, the coronavirus is spreading, Bill Barr is nervous and looking like a whole fool, Elizabeth Warren is part of the Wu because she clearly ain’t nothing to 🤬with, Boosie givin’ parenting advice and Friends might get a reunion show! This week is wearing wigs left, but let’s get it!

#Indianapolis #Homophobia #Ratchet #Useless #BlackLivesMatter #Outing #FacebookNeverForgets #DoBetter #WatchWhatYouDo #WatchWHOYouDo

This is what happens when you stay in other people’s business. There is no reason that this woman, Jane, should not be dead! Dead! The Facebook live in question has her going in on this man for like 20 minutes! And she called this man out by name! She called this man out by name! And put his picture up! Like?! How is this okay?

By her own admission, she and this man had a casual encounter a while ago. My question is, “Sis, unless you are actively under this man—or you over him, why are you worried about where his peen go ma’am!” I am unable to process the level of crazy this is! I really am! How did this make sense for her to do? And then you ask a man who you clearly were fearing as you left from going in his house (when he could have easily shot YOU!) to get your phone, because the door was open–girl, STAHPIT!

See, there is a reason why people have 2 eyes, ears and one mouth: some stuff you see, don’t need to be said! At all! He was wrong for killing her. She was wrong for outing him, and he was wrong for taking to the level he did!

Let me give y’all some free life advice: DO NOT OUT PEOPLE. EVER.

Just because someone identifies as gay/queer does not mean they aren’t capable of defending themselves! Or getting you together–WITHOUT READING OR SHADE! But you never out people, even if they are on the Down Low. Not publicly, not like this. No. Don’t. Can we stop doing this–please?

The most dangerous person is one who believes they have nothing to lose. And Homophobia is real—and lethal. And this crime is evident of it.

#Friends #FriendsRevamp #NoOneAskedForThis #WHOAskedForThis #TeamLivingSingle #ClearFolkAtItAgain #ErikaAlexanderBeTellingYall #ListenToBlackWomen #WhenIsTheLIVINGSINGLEReunion #BlackTVMatters

In this BAFM (Black As F—k Millennium) nobody melaninated is checking for what Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe and Joey Tribani are doing! I don’t care! Who asked for this? Who? The Council of Social Blackness is not amused by this level Caucasian Lunacy! We want to know what happened to the following people:

Did Regine marry a doctor with enough money to keep her in shoes and wigs?

Did Obie and Sinclair have some kids and move back to Cleveland? Does she hate his Mama?

Did Kyle get his own brokerage firm? Did he and Maxine get married? Are they shacking? Is she running for President? Is she the cousin of Nina Turner?

Is Khadijah still feuding with Cheryl Miller (watch the episode she was in! No spoilers!)? Is Flavor still in business? Is her Daddy dead? Is her Mama dead on the show (Queen Latifah’s mother passed about 3 years ago I think…)? Did she make up with her sister? Are she and Max still friends?

This is the stuff EYE need to know!

I don’t give a damn about nothing the people that hang in Central Perk do with the C-cup breast coffee cups! The people know how the happy stories of White characters with no problems relevant to current society end! I read that book! And saw the movie on Netflix!

Gimme something else! DAMN!

#LarkVoorhies #SavedByTheBell #LisaTurtle #HotTakes #TheyDoMyGirlSoBad #RevampTV #LarkVoorhiesMatters #LisaTurtleMatters #ZackMorrisDatesBlackGirls #IAintForget

Look, here is my #HotTake:

You cannot do a ‘Saved By The Bell’ ANYTHING without Lisa Turtle!


Lark Voorhies (coolest name ever for a Black girl) ain’t been right since Def Jam’s How To Be A Player! Look, for girls of a certain again (pushing 40!) we remember Lisa and how bright she was, how present, and she wasn’t just a ‘sassy Black friend.’ She was an integral part of everything that happened on the show! You can’t just erase Lisa! Who raised y’all?!

I know Lark has had some mental health issues in the past and she was on Dr. Oz this week talking about her own struggles (she said she still hears voices) and how hurt she was not be contacted by those in charge of this revamping project about her participating! I think Lark does need help. But I also think she needs to put all this energy into something she loves—acting. On the show she admitted she has been diagnosed as having Schizoaffective Thought Disorder. And now, with the help of Dr. Oz, she is getting better. Praise God for therapy.

Let her be great! If y’all can get Zack Morris (the archetypal fuckboy!) y’all can get cultural staple that is Lisa Turtle!

Clearly the 1990s is a trend and with me turning 40 next year, and having lived through the 1990s, not sure if is this really the decision the world wants to make again! I mean, Bill Clinton was president the first time! With Cinnamon Hitler, his small peen issues and Congress on the take, this ain’t what we need to do right now y’all! I promise you! Good thing Mardi Gras ain’t over yet…

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