29 Days Of Blackness: Respect My Melanin!

Welcome to Black History Month. When I say welcome, I sincerely mean that. Due to some of you seem to act like Black, POC (person/people of color), African Americans, “ethnic”, exotic, etc, didn’t do anything to make this world run– I have to address this.

Now, before I go in, I must make this statement. If you are melanin-deficient and this doesn’t apply to you, please leave your offense at the door. I am only speaking to those who fit the description. 

We are only 9 days left in Black History Month, and some of you are about the most disrespectful people that I have ever seen in my life! People have gone out of their way to take on social media and in the workspaces, to discredit US about the contributions that we have made to this country.

Hell, to this world!

Typically, I don’t let things like this bother me, but what you will not do is try to make it seem as if my Melanin Powerful brother and sisters don’t do anything but collect Food Stamps and Child Support. We won’t do it today or any other day on my watch!

Don’t make me pull out the spirit of the great elder Iyanla Vanzant!

Image result for iyanla vanzant quotes not on my watch

Let’s check some well known receipts.

If it wasn’t for MY ancestors you would not have:

-an air conditioning unit

-blood plasma bag

-bicycle frame

-baby buggy

-cellular car phone


-female cycle indicator

-fire extinguisher


-lawn mower

-lubricating cup

-mail box



-rolling pen

-spark plug


-thermostat control

-traffic light

-VCR remote timer

-type writer…and much more. 

I heard a conversation with some people at work. They were making it seem as if the only thing that Black people do is have babies, have bad credit, apply for food stamps, trash their neighborhoods, kill each other, play loud music, get fat and die. If you have been following this blog, I’m sure at this point you must know that I am not the type to sit back and tolerate this. I had to put them in their place. 

For any of you who have it confused, let me explain something to you. When you are in the presence of anyone of MY people, young or old, you will show the utmost respect. We are the reason why you have the music that you listen to. We are the most copied and studied group of people!

Our hair styles, inventions, body shapes and art forms are things you try to emulate, but will never be able to duplicate nor accomplish. Before you decide to let what you learn in school, hear from the ignorance of your friends and family, find out the REAL history of this country. Don’t sit back and only learn the history of what they decide to teach you in school. Let a school tell it, it was only melanin deficient (since some are sensitive) people who built this country!

It was my ancestors out there on the front line helping you win wars. Learning how to read when it could very well cost them their lives. Raising your kids, healing them when they were sick and feeding them when they were hungry. For what? To watch their husband work until they died, be beaten into submission or become a house slave? 

I could go on and on all day, but I will end it with this:

The next time you decide to type, troll or have a conversation about how ‘Black people ain’t worth shit’, check your own lineage and see how corrupt it is. Don’t target us to make you feel better about the knowning your ancestors were savages and despite of them saying others were so! We are here and aren’t going anywhere. Expect US.  

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