Orange Thanos thinks he’s a gangster, Bill Barr doesn’t have the balls to be Sammy the Bull, Joaquin Phoenix is an Oscar Winner, Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union are models of healthy Black parenting, Hair Love is the dopest short ever (SHOUTS TO MATTHEW A. CHERRY & COMPANY!), Issa and Lakeith are giving all type of love jones vibes, and the WuTang Clan is about to collaborate with a Detroit Orchestra!

Let’s get it!

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I only watched the 2020 Academy Awards for three reasons, maybe four. One: to see if HAIR LOVE would win for best short. Two: to see Joaquin Phoenix win Best Actor for ‘Joker‘. Three: St. Louis Superman win for Best Documentary and Four: to see what folk were wearing. And to be honest? I wasn’t going to watch–I happened to walk in the room when HAIR LOVE won! After that, I had a small hope the awards show wouldn’t be totally effing trash.

But to see a short of that little, pretty, Black girl and her father? I teared up. I had seen it a few times in theaters over the past summer, so I knew how good it was! I cheered at the nomination and cried at the honor. I know the mood now is to dismiss all things inherently seen as unfavorable to everyone not melaninated. I know in the 92 year history of the Academy Awards, a disproportionate number of award winners have been White.

I know this. I get this. I hate this.

The only thing that will change this artistic landscape is representation, and the boldness to create such representation. HAIR LOVE started from a place of love! All art does! Take that same energy, keep that same energy that makes you mad, and create. You never know what might happen if you keep going. But you know exactly what will happen if you stop!

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I love Dwayne Wade more as a public figure than I ever had when he was playing for the Heat. What he has done as a man, outside of a uniform? I can only pray that energy transfer to every other father trying to raise the dopest children possible.

Anyone who has followed the saga which surrounds the raising of his children (out of respect, I am not going to deadname Zaya here). We all know his ex-wife is crazy; we know she tried to kidnap the kids; we all also know his ex hates Gabrielle. As a mother trying to co-parent with a man that desire to make my life hard, I overstand Dwayne’s struggle.

So, to see him embrace his child when given the knowledge the child was gay? In the age of toxic masculinity, it was completely refreshing! Seeing him on the ellen show, talking about how his son, was now a daughter–my heart went out to him. Why? The world is a vicious place for queer children. It can be particularly vicious for Black queer children. I knew in supporting his daughter, the army of desiccant, toxic Hoteps would descend and try to rip him apart for loving his daughter!

Think about that.

My prayers are for Zaya–that she remain beautiful, safe and protected. That she will not be dehumanized because of who her parents are, and what she knows of herself to be. My prayers are for Gabrielle, that she continue to be an advocate for her–teaching her that Black Girl Magic is three-fold: potion, position and power. And I pray that Dwayne, her father, love her that much more radically. That he protect her as only Daddies can. And she bloom—healthy, and still a part of the world.

Image result for lgbtqia suicide stats

#BlackGirlsMatter #HairCut #ValueBlackGirls #BlackGirlHair #Don’tMakeTraumaViral #BlackGirlsMatter #EverybodyWrong #DoBetter

Black trauma needs to stop going viral.

I saw the 3-minute video of the epitome of trash co-parenting. In this video (which I refuse to link!) the mother of this beautiful little girl is cutting the beads out of this little girl’s hair. Why? She claims she told her father not to let anyone else do her hair. In responding to this indefensible bullshit on social media, she says that the braids were too tight; so tight that (and this a direct quote), ‘her skin meat was popping up between the braids.”

Sigh. I won’t even get into why this woman said ‘skin meat’ rather than scalp, so I will move on.

From the outset, the whole situation is trash. It is a bag of garbage sitting in the sun! If pressed, the situation is wrong from jump. And this is what I see:

  1. Why is the father having to sneak to see the kids? In order to get them from any daycare, he had to be on the list and have ID to have access. Why is he filming this incident? Why did he decide to post it?

2. Knowing how her mother is, how his baby momma is, why would you even put your baby in a position where she would be subjected to something so crazy? How long has this been going on?

3. Why would she choose to cut the braids out of her hair in full view of the damn world? If she’s a braider as she claims to be, why CUT the braids out? So he did something you don’t like so you just one-up it by acting like the child is property?!

I don’t care what lead up to this–they were both wrong. WRONG. He’s wrong for setting the baby up like this, and the mother is wrong for cutting her hair! Someone has to be the adult! And of all things in life, why uploaded it to social media on some ‘pick me-hate her’ bullshit?

There is a way to do everything–this wasn’t it.

It is Love Day! Go see The Photograph and be in love with the people who love you–and love the people who need it. Resist and fight tomorrow.

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