29 Days Of Blackness: “My Peers’ Keeper:

Because Phillipians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

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One thing I can say as a very Black, and very educated young woman in a predominantly white school (once again) safe spaces are hard to come by. It’s hard to find where I fit in. It’s hard to find people to connect to; where others don’t look at me as the “Other”. I can only imagine what so many others may feel throughout their post-secondary experiences with finding where they belong. I’m sure all of us could’ve used a safe space like the Truth Seekers Ministry.

In September of 2019, a man of God, and Michigan State University Junior, Gervon Tucker gave the campus the safe space it truly needed. In September, Gervon started the Truth Seekers Ministry on the campus at only 20 years old! Being a young man trying to introduce an equally young crowd to the ways of the Lord, Gervon definitely had his doubts. “It was something that I struggled with starting because I didn’t know how well it would be received on campus; because anytime you start talking about religion or church people typically tried to avoid it” .

I have definitely seen my fair share of stray-aways from the church, and the Lord so, Gervon definitely had reasonable doubt. Especially in this day, and age where it seems as if finding acceptance amongst those in church is especially difficult for millenials and their beliefs. But that didn’t stop Gervon: he knew that this was just what campus needed.

“Our organization welcomes and brings together everyone from different cultural backgrounds to teach and celebrate the gospel. Using our love for Christ as the common ground that bridges the gap.”

-Gervon Tucker, Truth Seekers Ministry

This is more than just another organization to campus. Gervon is a young Black male that has defied some notions that people (maybe even the very people we’re surrounded around daily), have made of Black males through his Ministry!

It’s not every day that we not only get to highlight those who have done so much so young, but things so powerful! Truth Seekers not only was able to help the MSU community–aiding them in a growth that he says transformed his peers, “into better individuals compared to how they were when they first began to come”–it also transformed him as a young Black male.

“One of the things that has changed within myself as a young Black male after starting Truth Seekers, is the amount of confidence that I have within myself. When I first started, I was very hesitant and very doubtful because I didn’t think I was capable enough to not only be able to lead this ministry, but to be effective enough to where people want to come in to hear more about what I had to say pertaining to the word of God”.

  -Gervon Tucker, Truth Seekers Ministries

Gervon, and *his team have definitely left their mark on campus, and will continue to through their ministry. For those he can’t touch directly he does leave everyone with this message:

“The advice I would give is to not always allow what you see now, dictate what will transpire in your future. Everything that you go through whether its good or bad, is a part of the process, to achieve the elevation God has set up for you, that is about to take place in your life. Although we may deal with various situations that seem impossible to deal with, and sometimes it makes us want to give up and quit, Jesus said that with Him all things are possible. Therefore, all you have to do is follow Jesus, and allow Him to guide your footsteps in the right direction. You can do and become anything that you set your mind to, because Phillipians 4:13 say that ‘I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.’ As long as you have Jesus on your side you can conquer anything”.

You can keep up with Truth Seekers Ministry on Instagram, and Twitter at @truthseekers_1

*- The Truth Seekers Team:

Jalon Nelson (Spiritual Advisor)

Arthur Fickling (Secretary)

Joshua Cooper (Media Director)

Ciera Murden (Outreach Coordinator),

Talaya Bates(Outreach Coordinator)


2 thoughts on “29 Days Of Blackness: “My Peers’ Keeper:

  1. Great to read the great things about my son Gervon Tucker.
    He is a Strong Soldier in his Ministry.
    Keep up the great work Son in your Ministry, also great job to your Team.
    Sharon Tucker


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