Kobe Bryant has a public memorial on the 24th, the Senate acquitted Orange Thanos, Speaker Pelosi ripped up his speech (because it was trash!), Iowa is effin up game for everyone, a whole court saw Harvey Weinstein as both naked and creepy! And Snoop went AWF on Oprah whole bestie! What a week! And it’s just February!

Let’s get it!

#WuhanCoronavirus #Pandemics #Epidemics #Xenophobic #Xenophobia #MicrobiologyIsReal #UniversalPrecautionsAreReal

Lookahere, I keep telling people microbiology is real and germs do kill people! My heart goes out to the Wuhan Providence of China and the utter devastation that is happening. This week, the doctor that alerted the world to the virus?! He died! I mean, imma need people to truly understand to not let the age of alternative facts, essential oils rather than antibiotics, and idiots in red hats make you forget science matters and is real!

Due to the current tyranny we are subjected to, anything is a reasonable excuse for xenophobia! This pandemic is no exception! This week there was an Asian-American woman whom narrowly avoided being raped because she told her attacker she had ‘the coronavirus’! Think about that! In this post-reading/innanet everything nation, you would think someone would notice when the world is about spin off its axis, veering into the sun—but there’s no IG story about that yet…

#MeganTheeStallion #GEazy #Dating #OPP #HereWeGo #InterracialDating #ShotShooting #WhatYallGonDoIs #MoneyGoodForReal #SexTalkForReal

The selfie kiss seen round the world! I saw the picture of G-Eazy and Meg! And I like the rest of the world was like, “Oh, he hit it!” Megan Thee Stallion said he’s a friend, she’s not smashing him.

Okay, Sis. Keep your business your business.

After the chuckleheads she’s been dealing with (and how TF do these new rappers come up with these names anyway?!), I was happy for her! I’m tired of the struggle love stories—I promise I am! Like who is her ex, Moneybagg (ooh whee!), said she had an odor?! Like?! I’m tired for her. Personally? I think he (G-Eazy) has a massive crush on her. I think he did shoot his shot—she just doesn’t want her answer public—yet.

#SnoopDogg #WhereAreWe #ThisIsBananas #HowDidWeGetHere #GayleKing #OprahBestie #DoingTheAbsoluteMost #Legacy #KobeBryant #EvenWhenDeadTheyKillYou

Kobe Bryant is dead. Kobe Bryant was not a saint. With this said, the interview Gayle King did with Lisa Leslie has pissed the world off! The whole world, fam!

Gayle King asked her about Kobe’s rape allegations from over a decade plus ago. Lisa answered them graciously, yes, but you can tell she doesn’t believe those allegations (Neither do I), and Lisa seemed offended Gayle asked her this. I mean, her friend did die, Gayle!

But herein lies the problem. There is a segment of the population that doesn’t believe he raped this girl, and a segment that does believe he raped this girl. This is further complicated when the question of “Who do you believe?” is posed to Black women.

In that carte blanche support, is the dirty secret that sexual assault is pervasive in communities of color and abusers are often protected. The abuse not talked about until much, much later. If ever!

For Snoop Dogg to jump in this fray and go off on Gayle? Mane! I didn’t know what to make about this here! I mean, Gayle is old enough to be his mother or older sister. Calling her a bitch is unnecessary! Second, she has a right to ask what she wants in an interview—that is separate from how we as a collective minority body feel. Now, with that said—do I think it was in poor taste to ask this so quick after him dying? Yes, I do.

I think Kobe’s legacy shouldn’t be defined by what people did or don’t believe he did. I know why Gayle asked this question—it was provocative, and evocative! The tantalizing mixture of sex and Blackness is a rapid aphrodisiac to a certain class news outlets cater towards!

There is no reconciliation of Kobe the man and Kobe the player for some people. Even in doing right after this incident, and admitting his role in it, now that he’s dead—here folk come to crucify him all over again. I mean if the world talks about the One who created it, we who live on it ain’t got no hope either.

Let me leave y’all with light this week. There are 3 things that will always be free: love, laughter and sunlight. Find one of them today.

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