28 (29) Days Of Blackness- The Literary Dynamo That Is Super Sidney Keys III

Aight, lemme brag on my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri for a minute. This young man right here–with all my St. Louis accent–RHETT HERRE! I am so amazed with, and continue to be in awe of, and I need him to change the world.

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World Changer and All-Round King, Sidney Keys

If you have been a Torch for any stretch of time, you are familiar with this young man, and his mom, Winnie Caldwell. I brag on them any time I get, and help promote them any chance I get . Why? What he is going is utterly revolutionary, utterly out the box and completely needed and necessary! Just let what the mission of Books N Bros sink in:

Empowering boys, promoting literacy, and bringing awareness to African American literature.

A young man after my own heart.

From the inception of Books N Bros, have been fascinated by everything he and his mother have done. With me being a local resident, I get a better vantage point than other people from outside the St. Louis Metro Area. I have watched the two of them take a Facebook Live video taken in the Eye See Me Bookstore, and created what can only be called a movement to get young Black men and boys reading again.

The dopest thing? The absolute dopest thing? Now Sidney is a part of the Marvel Universe! Can you believe it?! His mom did…the whole time. I am so overjoyed as a writer, a Mama, and one whom, too, was called young, gifted and Black to see this happening.

To really see all this come together for Sidney.

The TV shows, the donations, the utter favor that follows him now. I pray for his mother and their strength as a unit as they pull all this together. And the other thing? Books N Bros has the option to Adopt-A-Bro! These adoptions allow a young man to be a part of this book club and see himself in the books he reads. This is monumental! The options are to adopt a bro for a month, 3 months, 6 months or a year! I did this before, and did it for three months.

Best money I ever spent.

Image result for books n bros
Give the gift of reading. Adopt a Bro.

Keep it up, Sidney. Keep going, Winnie.

They are Torches. Keep shining, y’all! The world needs more light.

If you are interested in Books N Bros, would like to donate to the cause of literacy and visibility for Black authors, click here or please contact info@booksnbros.com!

[images from BooksNBros.com]

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