28 (29) Days Of Blackness-Podcasts To Watch For: The Love Hour/Deadass

Image result for love hour podcast
One of my favorite real-life innanet couples!

I know that Kev OnStage is an innanet sensation and adds more sweetness to this pound cake known as Black culture. I know you all are familiar with his comedy, takes and all other matter of observational comedy through the lit AF Black lens. But what you may not have known is he is the husband of Melissa (Mrs KevOnStage), and they have been together for 20 years–and are the parents of 2 incredible sons.

Like all matter of dope Blackness, the next step to building a presence is to get your voice amplified. One of the best things I have found in the maze of podcasts is the one he hosts with his wife! The Love Hour is a podcast that I enjoy listening to! I binge and absorb and shoo, sometimes I learn things to keep (or implement) in my own relationships!

I know that KevOnStage has a following on his own social media, and merch and even another podcast (Righteous and Ratchet–shameless plug!) but this one here? I love this one because they delve into real relationship issues and problems, and even share how they have made it back from their own heartaches in the relationship. There needs to be more examples of what marriage is–it’s beyond a wedding, and sex. It’s deeper than that–and it’s hard even when you like the person. Black love is a superpower.

Speaking of superpowers, lemme hip y’all to Deadass. I know that you all must/should follow the marvelous Kay and Devale. I love them! I love how they love one another, love their kids, and still make time to be fools together. The thing is? I love how he loves her–I truly do. I love how they build together. In the world that prizes filters and peen emojis, I love the fat these two exist.

Image result for the love hour podcast
I love and am a fan of Kay and Devale!

From life and kids to sex, to regrets to the roller coaster that is life, they touch on all of these topics. The thing that makes them so lovable is how genuine they are! I keep telling people–and have said this for years!–there need to be more examples of what real marriage looks like. It would be beneficial for people to know that love is work. That Black folk fall in love like anyone else–maybe harder than anyone else. It is glorious to see married couples doing this life together–and happy, mane! AND BEING TOGETHER HAPPILY!

Mane! Do you not understand how crucial it is for a little Black girl to see she is valued by a young man that looks like her father? Do you know understand how therapeutic it is, should be, for a young man to see he can have a life with a woman he wants to be with–that adage of finding a wife, a good thing and favor of the Lord? That’s crucial. It becomes more crucial to see couples making it work…every single day.

The gorgeous thing about these podcasts is their frank visibilty and unapologetic natures. In the age of Black Girl Magic and Black Boy Joy, why can’t love be something to dream of again? Why does love have to be a joke, my dude? Pro-tip: it isn’t. Not when you really find it. Not when you have a partner that is committed to the US not a ME. Sometimes the most violent wars are fought behind closed doors, with unanswered calls and utter apathy until one person decides to physically leave–when they have been gone years earlier!

I stand these podcasts because it reminds me that marriage isn’t perfect, but it can be perfect for you and your partner–if you work at it! If you communicate, and if you can love one another one more day–and that may determine everything else. Being in love and making that work–is beautiful AF. Deadass.

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