28 (29) Days Of Blackness: Make Game Night Lit Again-Black Card Revoked

Image result for revoking my black card
If you love CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY, you will love this!

The cool thing on social media is to try and ‘revoke’ someone’s Black card. What does this mean exactly? Well, since we are all family, let me tell you.

There are certain experiences we as Black folk think are synonymous along this dope ride known as the Black Experience. Although, we know Black folk are not a monolith, there are certain things–culturally speaking–which should be or are synonymous with common Black Experience. Enter: Black Card Revoked.

With the success of Cards Against Humanity, when I heard about this game, I was elated! And I am actually waiting on my game to come in the mail! In looking over the First Generation questions, I could not help up but scream laughing. Here is one question:

What’s one event we always show out for?

A. graduations of any kind

B. the local white party

C. Easter Sunday

D. any wedding not in a courthouse

Remember: THERE ARE NO RIGHT ANSWERS. The answers to the questions are majority rule. I love this! I absolutely love this!

I love games like this because they celebrate Black culture, promote family time, and start building memory and traditions by doing something as simple as playing a game! Traditions get passed down–or questioned! New traditions are formed, and the culture expands, is preserved and continues! This is why game nights are lit. We should have more of them!

There are 5 editions to the game thus far, but in true Black folk fashion, I’m sure we can make up our own! And make either innervation of the game unique. I am all for the preservation of culture, and sharing of joy and making this life as rich and sweet as any chocolate or honey. This right here–the game right here!–is one of those ways. And it’s family friendly! Is this easier to play than Spades!

Besides, my answer to question posed is C. Easter Sunday–hands down. No debate. I stand on that.

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