These Impeachment Hearings look like a mob trial, Jessica Simpson wrote a book, Nas’s momma is about to go on tour, Terry Crews tried it, the coronavirus has a vaccine laced with racism, ‘Kobe Bryant is dead’ is the strangest sentence in the English language and Criminal Minds is ending!

Let’s get it!

#BlackMamba #KobeBryant #Legacy #Youth #Mambacita #Grief #LegaciesAreComplicated #WhiteFeminismAndItsHotTakes

Usher Raymond IV sang Amazing Grace for the first Los Angeles Laker game since the death of Kobe Bryant.

Still the strangest set of words and syllables I have said all week.

The fact that the world—I mean the entire WORLD—is mourning him? There are Kobe murals as far away as the Philippines and Japan!

And here in the States? Murals, tattoos, all other matter of intersections of art and mourning are everywhere! And it’s damn beautiful—so damn beautiful! Young Black men are emoting, celebrating, and collective Blackness is mourning…

There was a mural that was defaced with the word rapist spray painted on it. White feminism has run in to remind the world of his own personal game of Clue: what he allegedly did with this blanquita, in this hotel, with his penis 15 years ago.

So many feelings. So. Many. Feelings.

As a survivor of sexual assault (#MeToo), I get it. Do what you must to hold space, heal and keep living. I cannot begin to imagine that pain having that person you believe/know attacked you lifted to this place of social divinity. I get it!

I also get wanting to mourn before you obliterate a memory of a man the world loved. I get it.

I really do…

There was never going to be a time correct enough to mourn and confront—there are those determined to do both, regardless of what decency or decorum ask.

#TerryCrews #BlackMen #WhyLord #WhatAboutGabrielle #BlackWomen #CaughtOutThere #Love #Support #WeGotUs #WeNeedUs #BlackLoveIsNotJustRomantic

Gabrielle Union Wade was fired from America’s Got Talent because she had the nerve to call bullshit what it is. She wore her hair like a myriad of Black girls do and when the producer took offense—she was canned!

But the part that behooved me, was when Terry Crews didn’t offer her support for what clearly was wrong—he wanted to look aloof and lost when called out about it!

This is why most Black women get frustrated with Black men!

All he had to do as a Black man in a visible position, was support her.

All Terry had to do was lend his strength to her dilemma! I really take issue with this apathy. I take issue that he had to be choke slammed on social media to be made aware of how badly he messed up! But (and here I go again!), just because Black women are supposed to be strong and make suffering look easy doesn’t mean we don’t hurt, don’t get angry, or don’t need people in our corner to support and help us!

Black women take care of Black women, but it would be nice if more Black men did the same.

#ScaryMovies #Antebellum #ImAlreadyScared #IDunnoAboutThisOneScoob #StudentOfHistory #ThisIs #TakeABuddy #ItsNotASafeSpaceMovie

So, the trailer for Antebellum has been making its way all over the internet since around the new year. In all honesty? I’m on the fence about seeing it.

I’m a student of history, well-read to boot. The thing causing me the most apprehension about seeing this movie is because I’m tired of Black trauma buffets. I am! I’m looking forward to The Photograph than I am this! That’s not a dig to the production, cast or a the story, either. I want some intersecting joy and Blackness. I want to be able to relate to a movie from a reference point of joy, rather than sorrow or trauma.


Will I go see it? Only if I take a conductor for the Underground Railroad with me! That’s the real GET OUT!

Y’all, this week was hard…guard your heart, 3 stacks. Love the people that love you. The world is about to get a whole lot harder before it gets better. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO #42–JACK ROOSEVELT ROBINSON!

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